Twin screw air compressor As the most popular type of air compressor, I believe many of the friends who visited this article may have used or dealt with it. When we want to use or have already used the screw air compressor friends, basically have a problem: how to configure a suitable air tank for your air compressor? In theory, any air compressor can work alone without any air tank, but in actual work, the air compressor is equipped with a gas tank. From the point of view of the compressed air system, the air compressor does need to be equipped with a gas storage tank. It can be analyzed from the role of the gas tank. The role of the gas storage tank is to maintain the pressure of the network of the compressed air system without major fluctuations. Since the amount of gas at the end of the compressed air system is generally not always stable, the gas tank is used to balance the smoothness of the system pressure and reduce the frequent loading and unloading of the air compressor. Another function is to cool the compressed air after drying to reduce the amount of moisture in the compressed air. Understand the role of gas storage tanks, then today we will talk about the purchase and use of gas storage tanks:
First, the purchase: the requirements for the purchase of gas storage tanks is very simple, mainly depends on the gas storage tank The amount of gas stored. The higher the gas storage capacity of a general gas storage tank, the higher its price. For ordinary oil-free air compressor users, we recommend that the gas storage capacity of the gas storage tank is about 30% of the rated displacement of the air compressor. Second, the use: the use of gas storage tanks including transportation, installation, maintenance, etc., mainly need to pay attention to the following points: 1, collision, knocking, etc. during transportation and work. 2. It is forbidden to pile up debris around the working environment. It should be kept ventilated and dry, and there should be no flammable or explosive objects. 3. The gas tank itself should be kept clean at all times, especially if the inside of the gas tank is too dirty to easily contaminate the compressed gas. 4. During the working process, the gas storage tank should pay attention to check its air pressure. It must not exceed the maximum working pressure of the gas storage tank (the maximum working pressure is generally 0.80.8Mpa), otherwise it will easily cause the gas storage tank to burst and cause a safety accident. 5. In the process of gas transmission, the oil-free air compressor should pay attention to check whether there are air leaks in the valves, pipeline interfaces, etc. of the gas storage tank, and if necessary, timely treatment. Generally, there are working requirements in the instruction manual supplied with the gas storage tank. Therefore, the user should try to provide a standard-compliant environment during the use, which can extend the service life of the gas storage tank to a certain extent. 3. Safe use of the gas storage tank 1. The gas tank pressure gauge should be verified, sealed and kept in good condition every year. 2. Check that all protective devices and safety accessories are in good condition before starting the gas storage. If there is any abnormality, please contact the air compressor maintenance personnel of the air compressor. 3. Check whether the lubricating oil surface of the gas storage tank meets the standard of use. If it does not meet the standard, please check and eliminate the fault. 4. The filter press and the gas storage tank parts that have been cleaned by diesel must be operated without load for 10 minutes before they can be put into use. 5. For safety reasons, the gas storage tank shall not be repaired during operation or when the equipment is under pressure. 6. When inspecting and repairing the gas storage tank, care should be taken to avoid the use of wood chips, iron filings, cloth and other items falling into the cylinder, gas storage tank and conduit. 7. If the gas tank is found to be unable to return to zero during use, the dial scale is unclear or broken, please stop using it immediately, and contact the manufacturer for immediate replacement. 8. The safety valve must be used according to the working pressure range, pull and check once a day, so that it can be renewed every day, and do it every week. It is automatically started and tested every six months with the standard pressure gauge, and the seal is added. Improve the safety factor of the gas tank. 9. The internal and external inspection of gas storage tanks and conduit joints shall be carried out once a year according to the standard of Jinhai Heavy Industry. All periodic inspections and hydraulic strength tests shall be conducted every three years, and the fault inspection shall be carried out in the absence of faults, and detailed records shall be made and Specially inspect the unit to issue "checking certificate", and carry out secondary inspection on related equipment.
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