1) Start. When the motor starts, the main engine starts to run, the intake port closes the small hole on the spool, and the compressed oil and gas enters the oil and gas tank, and the system pressure gradually rises.

(2) Load. The motor star-delta conversion, the control system (pressure switch) will compare the actual pressure of the system with the set pressure. When the system pressure is lower than the lower limit pressure set by the pressure switch, the pressure switch action energizes the loading solenoid valve (three-way solenoid valve). The three-way solenoid valve is opened, and the air supply to the intake valve servo cylinder pushes the control cylinder to open the butterfly valve. The intake valve is fully open and inhaled; the pressure of the solenoid valve is simultaneously closed, the machine is no longer emptied, and the pressure inside the tank continues to rise to Outward gas supply.

(3) Uninstall. When the pressure rises to the upper limit pressure of the differential pressure switch, the differential pressure switch sends an electric signal to the three-way solenoid valve, the solenoid valve is closed to stop supplying air to the intake valve servo cylinder, and the control cylinder is not pressed, then the butterfly valve is closed to maintain the small hole intake At this time, the check valve controlled by the counterweight can be closed tightly and promptly, and the bleed valve opens to release the pressure in the oil and gas barrel to the basic oil pressure. Air compressor is in no-load operation. After the solenoid valve is continuously de-energized for 20 minutes, the system enters the empty car for a long time to stop.

(4) Tone. Air compressor In order to reduce the number of empty weight load of air compressor during loading, an inverse proportional valve is installed. When the unit pressure reaches the upper limit of the pressure switch, the anti-proportional valve moves in advance, reducing The air supply to the servo cylinder, the intake valve servo cylinder stem thrust is reduced, the valve stem is retracted under the action of the spring force, when the spring force is balanced with the cylinder gas thrust, the valve stem is in a half open state, the intake air amount Reduce the capacity adjustment to achieve air compressor.

(5) Shutdown. The stop signal comes from the empty car for too long or the system pressure is at the upper pressure limit for a long time, the motor stops, the main engine stops and no longer inhales, the internal check valve of the intake valve closes quickly to ensure that there is no shutdown and oil discharge, and the bleed valve continues to vent To external atmospheric pressure.

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