How to maintain the screw air compressor in daily operation? ◆ Check the operating temperature and working pressure of the machine. (Daily) ◆ Record the current, voltage, temperature, and pressure of the air compressor operation. (Daily) ◆ Clean the machine (must be stopped). (Weekly) ◆ Purge the air filter. (Weekly) ◆ Check the oil level. (Monthly) ◆ Check the bolts of the pulley (coupling) (must be stopped). (monthly) ◆ Blow the cooler. (Monthly) Tip: If you have an exception, please contact Customer Service. 1. Run for 500 hours (first time maintenance) ◆ Check the oil quality. If it is qualified, it can be filtered and cleaned before use. If it is not qualified, replace the oil. ◆ Replace the oil filter core. ◆ Replace the air filter core. ◆ Replace the oil separator core. Return pipe filter ◆ Check the flatness of the pulley or the coaxiality of the diaphragm coupling & ograve; Note: The air filter is related to the environment. If the environment is excessively polluted, the replacement period should be shortened. 2. Every 3000 hours (for the second maintenance) ◆Replace the oil filter core ◆Replace the air filter core ◆Replace the oil separator core ◆Replace the compressor oil ◆Check and adjust the flatness of the pulley or the coaxial of the coupling Degree ◆Check and clean the return pipe filter ◆Check the intake control valve 3, every 6000 hours ◆ Complete all the following inspections every 3000 hours: ◆Check the minimum pressure control valve ◆Check the temperature control valve ◆Check the electrical terminal Is it tight? ◆Check whether the main bolts, nuts and pipe joints are tight. ◆Check the safety equipment label [screw air compressor maintenance plan] [How to maintain the screw air compressor for the first time and follow-up]Recommended 3 cubic meters Air compressor 6 cubic air compressor 10 cubic air compressor