Proper use of screw air compressor not only extends the life of the screw air compressor, but also ensures the screw air compressor operator The personal safety, so the correct use of screw air compressor in industrial production process is particularly important. How to use the screw air compressor correctly is mainly introduced from the following four aspects. The correct use of one of the four elements of the screw air compressor is properly activated: 1, screw air compressor >Preparation before starting: (1) Open the cooling water inlet valve and check whether the water supply of each stage cooler cylinder is normal. (2) Check if the oil level in the crankcase is at the specified position. (3) Check if the inlet regulating valve is closed, screw air compressor whether the outlet venting valve is open and the air supply valve is closed. (4) Whether the electrical equipment is in the starting position. (5) Check if the anchor screw and the coupling screw are loose. (6) Turn the flywheel several turns to check if the flywheel is stuck. 2, screw air compressor start-up procedure : (1) Turn on the power, start the screw air compressor, pay close attention to whether the oil pressure is normal, Is there an abnormal sound? (2) If everything is normal, open the inlet regulator valve. To full open. (3) Gradually close the small outlet vent valve, screw air compressor under normal load operation, the air supply valve can be slowly opened. Element 2 Safety Precautions: 1.Screw Air Compressor Operation, repair and maintenance of the compressor must be carried out by qualified personnel. 2. Screw compressor cannot be reversed. After the initial start or maintenance of the electronic control system, it must first be confirmed whether the direction of rotation of the motor is consistent with the specified direction before the compressor is started. 3. When removing high temperature components, it must be done after the temperature has cooled to ambient temperature. 4. It is recommended to use special oil for screw compressors. Different grades of lubricants are not allowed to be mixed. 5. No permission from the manufacturer of the screw air compressor, do not make any changes to the compressor that affect safety, reliability or add any equipment. 6.Screw air compressor compressor Original spare parts are specially designed and manufactured. It is recommended to use authentic spare parts to ensure the reliability and safety of compressor work. 7.Screw air compressor It is absolutely not allowed to block the compressor suction port during operation. 8.Screw air compressor cannot operate compressor above the specified pressure and specified temperature. 9.Screw air compressor Once the compressor is found to be abnormal, stop compressor immediately and eliminate the anomaly in time. 10. Maintain and repair the screw air compressor with the correct tool. 11.Screw air compressor After repair, before starting, confirm that all safety devices have been reinstalled and the tools have been removed from the compressor. Element 3 Correct maintenance and maintenance: 1. Check the oil level, exhaust temperature and exhaust pressure daily to check for abnormal sound; 2. Turn off the separator drain valve before starting the machine every week. Condensate, check for leaks everywhere, check safety valve, check belt wear (visual inspection); 3. Regularly check intake control valve, minimum pressure valve, electric control box connection line terminal, safety valve, cooling fan; Regularly clean and clean the cooler to test the reliability of the safety valve. 5. Regularly change the oil filter core, oil separator filter element, air intake filter element and lubricating oil. Element 4 Correct machine troubleshooting common faults: 1. The machine does not start: check the main switch and power cord, check the motor; 2. The machine does not load after starting: adjust the pressure switch setting value or replace the pressure switch Check or replace the solenoid valve; 3.Compressor does not unload, safety valve relief: adjust the pressure switch setting value or replace the pressure switch, check or replace the solenoid valve; 4. excessive fuel consumption: press It is recommended to use oil, lower the oil level to the normal position, remove the oil return line to clean, replace the oil separator filter; 5. Exhaust pressure is lower than the specified value: reduce the gas consumption or increase the compressor, check System leakage, cleaning or replacement of the air filter core, replacement of the oil separator filter, inspection or replacement of the solenoid valve, inspection of the intake control valve, replacement of the belt, adjustment of the pressure switch setting; 6.Compressor High temperature protection shutdown: improve environmental ventilation conditions, clean or clean the cooler, add oil to the specified position, change the oil filter; 7.compressor unloading operation, the exhaust pressure still rises slowly, the safety valve Vent: check Replace the solenoid valve, check the intake control valve, and repair the unloading pipeline; 8. Safety valve relief: repair or replace the safety valve, repair the minimum pressure valve, replace the oil separator filter, repair or replace the pressure switch, check the intake control valve Or solenoid valve.
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