Screw air compressor can not start how to do screw air compressor common problems.

The cause of the failure of the air compressor can not be started and the troubleshooting methods are as follows:

โ—† The cause of the failure:

1. The external three-machine power supply is powered off or out of phase.
2. The emergency stop button is faulty or the wires are loose.
3. The air compressor is in the automatic stop state or the outlet switch is not open.
4. Transformer failure or line dropout.
5. The control panel is faulty.
6. The starter coil is faulty or the contact is not well connected.
7. The air compressor is in a fault state.
8. The drive belt is broken.
9. The power switch trips or the fuse is disconnected.

โ—† Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting methods:
1. Check the electric switch and measure the three-phase voltage.
2. Check the emergency stop button to open and check the cable for looseness.
3. Check if the outlet pressure is higher than the setting.
4. Replace the transformer with a new one or reconnect the wires.
5. Replace the control panel.
6. Replace the starter or contact inspection and maintenance.
7. Troubleshoot the problem. 8. Install a new belt 9. Check the electrical circuit and restore the switch. Label

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