We choose a product that, besides considering the price, will care about its quality. As the saying goes: a penny is worth the goods. Take us to buy screw air compressor, we have to stand on the same level. Below we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the same horizontal line screw air compressor: First, the specific power of the specific power is the energy consumed per unit of gas production. The unit is: kw / (m3 / min). The smaller the specific power, the more useful compressed air is produced, and the less power is consumed. The main performance of the following aspects air compressor is a general-purpose equipment, there must be a process system, where the flow medium is air, oil, or water. They flow in a sealed space, which inevitably rubs against the side walls to produce a loss of energy. The motor rotor moves in a rotating magnetic field, which generates heat. This part of the heat is useless, which is not needed, but the air compressor can not be operated to avoid this heat. In addition to heat generation, the host also has leakage and friction problems during the compression process, and the useless work is generated, which reduces the efficiency of the host. The useless work generated in the above aspects consumes electrical energy and is a waste of resources. However, to achieve the purpose of compressed air, these can not be avoided, but we can reduce it. If this heat is reduced, we can reduce an air compressor. Specific power. Of course, it can save a lot of electric energy. The biggest cost of the air compressor is the electricity bill, and it is also synchronized with the national energy saving and emission reduction. To meet the national energy efficiency rating requirements, the corresponding tax can be reduced. Second, the air volume and pressure generated by air compressor are the same as the power of two air compressors, but they cannot be said to be two air compressors > The same amount of gas produced. So we have to further determine the flow of compressed air produced per unit of time. Judgment method: 1, flow measurement method, this requires special flow equipment, often customers can not. 2. The gas tank measuring method is the time from the start of compression to the pressure reaching the rated pressure through a certain volume of gas storage tank. The smaller the time, the greater the gas production of the air compressor and the better the machine efficiency. The same method can also measure the specific power. Third, maintenance air compressor is a need for maintenance equipment, we must not only pay attention to the current product quality and price, but also pay attention to future maintenance. If maintenance is convenient, the maintenance time will be shorter and the maintenance cost will be lower. The purchase of consumables is difficult and the price, the consumables are easy to buy, and often the lower the price, so the maintenance cost will be lower. The frequency of maintenance, the smaller the frequency of maintenance, the better the quality of consumables and so on. Fourth, the nature of the enterprise Under normal circumstances, domestically produced machines are relatively inefficient and costly. The machine quality and reliability of the domestic machine is also inferior to the foreign brand machine. In general, the imported equipment is better than the domestic one. Fifth, the transmission mode transmission mode generally has 1:1 direct drive, the transmission efficiency can reach more than 99%, if there are gears in the middle, the efficiency will drop by about 1%. In addition to the belt drive, this transmission efficiency is generally 98% or more if the tension adjustment is reasonable. 6. Noise Spiral air compressor Generally used in factories or people's activity areas, it requires human supervision, so the level of sound directly affects the feelings of people. In addition, product appearance, structural layout, random attachments, etc. can also further determine the quality of the product. Label [Compared with horizontal screw air compressor] [Spiral air compressor specific power]Recommended 3 cubic air compressor 6 cubic air compressor 10 cubic air compressor