In the daily use of screw air compressor, hosting is believed to be commonplace for air compressor users. Now, we will understand the reasons and treatment methods for the lock caused by the lubricant.

We analyzed the failure of the nose due to lubricants. The machine head is generally locked for the following reasons:

Cause of lubricant

First of all, the internal fuel quantity of the machine head is insufficient and temporarily suspended (including transportation). Causes an instant lack of oil, resulting in a stuck, so the equipment that is temporarily shut down should first add enough oil to the machine head, and then start the machine;

No more oil replacement or addition is not timely, the oil supply is lacking. Or the oil circuit is blocked or leaked, resulting in the oil shortage of the machine head;

There is too much impurity, carbon deposit and coking, so it is more important to choose lubricating oil and replace the lubricating oil; use inferior lubricating oil or overdue Such accidents are more likely to occur during use. At this time, the method of discarding the machine head: it is necessary to dismantle the test, soak it with clear

lotion for five hours to recover!

DSNEair screw air compressor reminds you that no matter which brand you purchase air compressor, it is best to use the original screw oil

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