Air compressor The reason why the exhaust pressure does not meet the requirements and the troubleshooting methods are as follows: ◆Cause: 1. Inspiratory resistance is too large; 2. Pipeline leakage is serious; 3. Intake valve Not fully opened; 4, the internal gas production of the host is insufficient; 5, the gas consumption is too large, higher than the gas production. ◆Remove method: 1. Remove the air filter to clean or replace; 2. Check the pipeline carefully, tighten or replace the leak; 3, replace the intake valve; 4. When the main engine rotates, listen to the internal sound of the host is normal, if not Normally need to be replaced; 5, reduce the amount of gas used, and use the gas equipment staggered. Label [What should I do if the screw air compressor pressure is insufficient?]【Solar air compressor troubleshooting

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Label [Air compressor exhaust pressure does not meet requirements] Source Note from DSNEair's official website