Screw air compressor is a pre-packaged configuration that requires only a single power connection and compressed air connection, and a built-in cooling system to make the installation work

Screw air compressor (20 sheets)

Simplified. With its high efficiency, high efficiency, maintenance-free and high reliability, screw air compressors consistently provide high quality compressed air for all walks of life. The screw compression assembly in the screw air compressor is manufactured in-house with the latest CNC grinding machine and is equipped with on-line laser technology to ensure precise manufacturing tolerances. Its reliability and performance ensure that compressor operating costs are extremely low over the life of the compressor. Adjustable compressors, integrated compressors and desiccant series are all new products in the L/LS series of compressors.

2 Advantages

Oil-free screw air compressor Features Reliable performance and maintenance Low rate

screw air compressor, voltage/frequency: 220/50; power: 0.545KW displacement: 60L/min Noise: 45dB(A ) Gas storage tank: 6L Pressure: 0.8Mpa net weight: 36KG Appearance size: 450× 540× 650mm;Innovative design: In the research and manufacturing process, YONGBA compressors mainly focus on reducing unnecessary maintenance costs and time. Its exemplary innovative design reduces the troubles of traditional oil-filled machines that often need to check the addition of lubricating oil. The regular maintenance time is long, the daily power transmission can be operated normally, the operation is simple, no need to be on duty, and you can save your mind and save energy.

Oil-free screw air compressor Features: reliable performance, low maintenance rate, low vibration, low noise, small size, low power consumption, beautiful appearance Simple operation, pressure 0-0.8Mpa (kg) freely adjustable, maintenance-free, easy to move, stable continuous running performance and long service life.

Screw air compressor Application: As a new generation of power source, widely used in medical, laboratory, water treatment, Biopharmaceutical, environmental, printing, marine, machinery, textile, petrochemical, precision electronics, instrumentation, spray, tobacco, nitrogen, food processing, optics, defense research, etc. Any area that requires clean compressed air.
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