Screw air compressor oil circulation system
Air compressor Before starting, first start the air compressor to cycle the oil Lubricate the main bearing, such a oil circuit system is built up. After the oil pump control system is started, the lubricating parts of the air compressor are well lubricated. At the same time, the oil pump control system can adjust the internal oil pressure through the built-in temperature control valve. Oil temperature to meet system needs.
Spiral air compressor circulation system
Compressor When working, the air is sucked through the self-cleaning air filter, and the filter is automatically cleaned by the PLC. After being automatically adjusted by the inlet guide vane, it enters the first-stage compression. After the first-stage compression, the temperature of the gas is higher, and then enters the intercooler for cooling (in the water pipe, outside the gas pipe, the water flow requirement of the intercooler is 110m3). /h) then enters the secondary compression system, in order to prevent the gas in the system from pouring into the compression chamber (avoid pressure start), install a suspension full-opening in the exhaust pipe of the compressor The valve, the compressor exhaust gas pushes the check valve into the exhaust muffler, then enters the primary aftercooler, the secondary aftercooler, and then enters the exhaust main pipe.
Spiral air compressor water circulation systemThe cooling water enters the air compressor intercooler through the pipeline to cool and cool the first-stage compressed exhaust gas, and then enters the aftercooler to cool the exhaust gas. The other cooling water inlet pipe cools the motor windings through two sets of heat exchangers on the upper part of the main motor, and also cools the oil cooler one way.
Power distribution systemAir compressor is a full-voltage start-up for 2000kW high-voltage motor (10kV), and the control cabinet is an indoor AC, metal armored pull-out switchgear. The switchgear consists of two parts: a fixed cabinet and a removable part, that is, a handcart. It achieves the purpose of control, protection and monitoring, and has the function of “five-proof”.
PLC control system PLC control screen is the air compressor's "brain", the value of various types of field sensors, finally summarized to the PLC control screen, display various types on the PLC control screen Run the parameters and monitor the operating status of each part of the air compressor. When some parameters are out of the allowable range, the PLC will issue a corresponding alarm or automatically stop the air compressor .
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