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Separation of compressed air and oil

Material of oil-gas separation core: high-precision fiberglass

Replacement criteria for oil and gas separation:

(1) Replace the actual use time after the design life time. The oil and gas separation core meter typically has a service life of 4000-8000 hours and must be replaced after it has expired.

(2) Replace the alarm immediately after the clogging alarm within the service life. The oil and gas separation core clogging alarm setting value is usually 0.8-1.0 bar.

Hazard of overdue use of oil and gas separation core:

1. Poor separation efficiency The fuel consumption is large and the oil content of the compressed air is affected, which affects the operation of the back-end purification equipment and the gas equipment cannot work normally;

2. The pressure resistance increases after plugging Large, resulting in increased actual exhaust pressure of the unit, increased energy consumption of the unit;

3. After failure, the glass fiber filtration separation material falls into the oil, resulting in oil The filter life is shortened and the main unit is abnormally worn.

1. Operation, repair and maintenance of the screw air compressor must be carried out by qualified personnel.

2. Spiral air compressor cannot be reversed. After the initial start-up or maintenance of the electronic control system, it must first be confirmed whether the direction of rotation of the motor is consistent with the specified direction before the screw air compressor is started.

3. When removing high temperature components, it must be done after the temperature has cooled to ambient temperature.

4. It is recommended to use special oil for screw air compressor. Different grades of lubricants are not allowed to be mixed.

5. Without the permission of the manufacturer, do not make any changes to the compressor that affect safety, reliability or add any equipment.

6, screw air compressor Original spare parts are specially designed and manufactured. It is recommended to use authentic spare parts to ensure reliable work. Sex, safety.

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