[China Air Compressor] The temperature control valve of the screw air compressor is installed between the machine head and the oil separation barrel, on the oil filter side. The temperature control valve has a total of three oil pipes, one connected to the oil and gas separation barrel, one connected to the oil filter, and one connected to the cooler. When the lubricating oil comes in, according to the temperature of the oil, the spool will automatically expand and contract, so that the lubricating oil enters the oil filter or enters the cooler to cool. If the screw air compressor does not need a temperature control valve and saves it, what will happen? What is the hazard of a screw air compressor without a temperature control valve? 1. The temperature control valve of the air compressor plays the role of constant temperature control. If the temperature control valve is missing, it will cause the air compressor to trip at high temperature. 2. The temperature control valve is the component that controls the direction of the lubricant. If the action is not in place, it may cause the unit's temperature to be too high or too low. 3. Without the temperature control valve, the temperature of the air compressor lubricating oil will increase, and the high temperature oil will be recycled to the lubrication system for further use. The oil temperature will continue to rise, speeding up the deterioration of the oil, increasing the load of the equipment, and reducing the friction loss. Seriously, the life expectancy of the equipment is shortened; the operation of the cooler is increased, the power consumption is increased, the operating cost is increased, and the energy is wasted. If the screw air compressor is not equipped with a temperature control valve, it will cause many problems, seriously affecting the performance and working conditions of the air compressor, and the cost required is much larger than the cost of the temperature control valve.