On the heat dissipation problem of screw air compressor, sometimes it is really unpredictable, even if the work is in a suitable temperature, good environment, and the oil level is under normal conditions. There is also a problem of poor heat dissipation, which leads to a series of problems such as high operating temperature and high exhaust gas temperature. Why is there such a problem? What other factors are causing such problems? Below we can be divided into air-cooled screw screw air compressor and water-cooled screw air compressor according to the working mode of screw air compressor. Below we analyze these two categories:
1, air-cooled This problem occurs with screw air compressors because the radiator is too dirty, faulty, insufficient air volume, long ducts, blockages, no relay fan or fan failure, no opening, etc. In some normal situations, the heat dissipation problem should be Focus on these aspects of maintenance.
2, water-cooled screw air compressor This problem is often caused by insufficient cooling water or excessive cooling water temperature, and if the cooler is not cleaned for a long time, there is scale or grease. This can cause such problems to occur.

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