It is believed that manufacturers who have used screw air compressors sometimes experience downtime due to excessive machine temperature pressure. What caused the downtime? How to solve it? Here are some of our DSNEair professionals to analyze for you.

screw air compressor high temperature cause analysis:

1. Lack of air compressor oil, insufficient oil can easily cause the air compressor temperature is too high Check the position of the air compressor oil by oil mirror.

2. Check the temperature difference of the inlet pipe, check if the inlet water temperature is higher than the rated temperature value, check the inlet water pressure, generally 3.0— 3.5 bar pressure.

3. The temperature sensor is faulty. The temperature sensor is mainly used for temperature measurement of the air compressor. The control temperature is between the rated data, so that the temperature is transmitted to the air pressure under the action of the thermal resistance. In the control system of the machine, the air compressor is effectively protected at the rated temperature. If the temperature sensor fails, the temperature measurement will not be achieved.

4. Increase the ventilation fan to make the indoor and outdoor air flow more and faster, thus reducing the room temperature.

5. Whether the voltage is out of phase and whether the three-phase voltage is balanced.

6. The cooling water is insufficient, the cooling water pressure is low, and the cooling water temperature is high.

7. The temperature control valve is stuck. The air compressor temperature control valve is the component that controls the lubricating oil. If the temperature control valve is not in place or stuck, it will cause the temperature to be too high.

8. There is too much dust in the cooling water, causing blockage and poor heat dissipation.

9. The oil cut solenoid valve is not energized or the coil is damaged.

10. Air compressor The ambient temperature of the operation is high, and the ventilation and cooling effect of the air compressor room is not good. There is no way to eliminate the heat generated by the unit.

The above is the introduction and solution of DSNEair for the high temperature of the screw air compressor, if air pressure If the machine parts are not suitable for purchase or if you have not solved your problem in time, you can contact us for home service. After all, the failure of the air compressor must be systematically checked to find the cause to solve the problem.