If your screw air compressor has a high temperature, please consider and solve the following points:
1. Is the oil filter blocked, (observe the oil pressure gauge is normal);

2, the thermal control valve blockage does not work (using the infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of the pipeline before and after the thermal control valve);

3, before and after measuring the cooler with infrared thermometer Temperature difference (exception from the fan and cooler two aspects)
A, use a multimeter to measure fan current, use anemometer to measure the speed of intake and exhaust, and use the speed of the tachometer side fan; B, check whether the cooler is Blocked; check if there is a large gap between the cooler and its bracket.

4, whether the air intake of the sound enclosure design meets the design input requirements;

5, if China air compressor above all aspects are normal It can replace the fan with a large exhaust air volume.

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