When we finished the purchase of screw air compressor, we had to face a headache, that is, how to install, DSNEairscrew air compressor friendship reminder The majority of air compressors use units, when you have already purchased air compressor, please install the professional or install the company's internal personnel, you need to pay attention to the following points And installation requirements I. Installation 1. Wide-width lighting for convenient operation and maintenance;
2. Air should have low relative humidity, less dust, clean air and good ventilation;
3. Environment The temperature must be lower than 40 °C, because the higher the ambient temperature, the less the output air volume of the compressor;
4. If the factory environment is poor, there is a lot of dust, and pre-filtering equipment must be installed;
5. Reserve the passageway, if necessary, install a crane to facilitate maintenance;
6. Reserve maintenance space, at least 70 cm or more between the compressor and the wall;
7. Air compressor is at least one meter away from the top space;
8. Air-cooled For the unit, it is recommended to install a duct to direct the cooling hot air to the outside:
9. For water-cooled units, the water supply pressure of the cooling water should be 0.2-0.6 MPa, and the inlet and outlet should be equipped with valves; if the cooling water may have debris, a filter should be installed.
The water quality requirements for cooling water are as follows:
1 The cooling water should be close to neutral, that is, the hydrogen ion concentration should be between 6.5 and 9.5;
2 organic matter and suspended mechanical impurities are Less than 25 mg / liter, oil content less than 5 mg / liter;
3 Temporary hardness is less than or equal to 10o (hardness 1o is equivalent to 10 milligrams of CaO or 7.19 milligrams of MgO in 1 liter of water).
DSNEair screw air compressor installation diagram
Second, piping, foundation and cooling system precautions
1, air piping piping precautions
1 main pipeline piping, piping Must have a slope of 1 & deg; ~ 2 & deg; to facilitate the discharge of condensate from the pipeline.
The pressure drop of the piping pipe must not exceed 5% of the compressor set pressure, so it is better to use a larger pipe diameter when piping.
2 The branch line must be taken out from the top of the main line to avoid condensation from flowing in the main line to the working machine. Compressor The air outlet line should preferably have a check valve. .
3 Several compressors are installed in series, and a ball valve or automatic drain valve should be installed at the end of the main line to facilitate condensation discharge.
4 Do not shrink the main pipeline. If you need to reduce or enlarge the pipeline, you must use a reducer. Otherwise, there will be mixed flow at the joint, which will cause large pressure loss and affect the service life of the pipeline.
5 After the compressor, if there are buffer purification facilities such as gas storage tanks and dryers, the ideal piping should be compressor+gas water separator+gas storage Tank + front filter + dryer + rear filter + fine filter. Such a gas storage tank can filter part of the condensed water, and the gas storage tank also has the function of lowering the temperature of the compressed air. Air at a lower temperature and less water re-enters the dryer, reducing the load on the dryer or filter.
6 If the air usage of the system is large and the time is short, the instantaneous gas consumption is very large. It is advisable to install a gas storage tank as a buffer (the capacity should be greater than or equal to 20% of the maximum instantaneous gas volume). It can reduce the number of times the compressor group is frequently loaded and unloaded, and reduce the number of control element actions, which is of great benefit to maintaining the operational reliability of compressor. In general, a gas storage tank with a capacity of 20% of the exhaust gas can be selected.
7 Compressed air with a system pressure below 1.5 MPa must have a flow rate of less than 15 m/sec in the delivery tube to avoid excessive pressure drop.
8 Minimize the use of elbows and various types of valves in the pipeline to reduce pressure loss.
9 The ideal piping is that the main line surrounds the entire building so that both sides of the compressed air can be obtained at any position. If the amount of gas used in a branch suddenly increases, the pressure drop can be reduced. And the appropriate valve is arranged on the annular main line for inspection and cutting.
2, the foundation
1 foundation should be built on a hard floor, the foundation plane should be leveled before installation to avoid vibration caused by vibration of the compressor.
2 Compressor If installed on the upper floor, it must be anti-vibration treatment to prevent vibration from passing downstairs or resonance, which is safe for the compressor and the building itself. Hidden dangers.
3 The screw compressor produces less vibration and does not require a fixed foundation. However, the ground on which it is placed must be flat and the ground should not be soft soil. Compressor It is best to put a 5-10mm cushion or shock pad on the bottom to prevent vibration and noise.
3. Cooling System
1 When you choose Air-Cooled Compressor, consider the ventilation environment. Do not place the compressor near high-temperature equipment to avoid the compressor from inhaling high temperature and the exhaust gas temperature is too high and affect the normal operation of the unit.
2 When the conditional restriction compressor is installed in a small confined space, pumping and exhausting equipment must be installed to allow air circulation and circulation, and the ability of pumping and exhausting equipment Must be larger than the exhaust fan of the compressor cooling fan, and the position of the exhaust port should be suitable for the compressor hot exhaust outlet.
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