For the working principle of intake valve, our air compressor expert Shanghai DSNEair Machinery Group is analyzed as follows:

Intake valve is mainly composed of The valve body, valve, piston, cylinder, spring, sealing ring, etc. are equipped with control blocks and control solenoid valves on the side, which integrate functions such as on-off regulation, load reduction, noise reduction, pressure reduction and shutdown and venting. When the load is reduced, a small amount of gas is discharged through the small hole in the valve to balance the intake air volume of the intake control valve orifice, so that the pressure in the separation oil tank is maintained at 0.2-0.3 MPa, and the normal air compressor oil is maintained. cycle. The opening and closing action of the intake control valve is automatically controlled by the pressure sensor and the solenoid valve of the adjustment system. Whether the opening and closing action of the intake control valve is flexible is very important for the reliability of the screw machine.

The failure of the intake valve is generally that the screw machine is not unloaded and the intake valve is not closed. No load, the intake valve solenoid valve is damaged. The screw machine is injected with oil and the valve body control block is faulty. The screw machine is overloaded, and the intake valve opens early when starting. Therefore, the intake control valve should be regularly replaced with a maintenance kit to maintain a good working condition. For each maintenance, the parts must be removed to check the wear of the friction surfaces. In particular, the surface of the rubber seals should be inspected. If there are any damage or cracks, new parts must be replaced. After the repair kits are replaced, the parts should be cleaned. Clean, the friction surface of metal parts should be lubricated.

General air compressor manufacturers' instructions are to replace the intake valve repair kit at 8000 hours, but in order to reduce costs, some users basically do not follow The use cycle to maintain, are waiting for the intake valve to fail after the repair, so it is recommended that users still have the appropriate delay before the failure within the specified time, the replacement time is still possible, because the use of each machine The environment is different, it is best to control the replacement within a reasonable range.