There are three types of pollutants in compressed air, namely water, oil and dust. Moisture: It is inherent in natural air; oil: most of it comes from air compressor (in the air with severe air pollution, it also contains trace oil); solid particles: partly from air, Part of it comes from inside the compressed air system. With the development of modern industrial production technology, dry and purified compressed air has been widely used in various production fields, and at the same time put forward higher requirements for compressed air source quality. This requires us to strictly configure according to the requirements of compressed air and downstream compressed air. In order to achieve the goal, it is necessary to at least understand and fully consider the following points 1, oil content oil in compressed air is weakly acidic, so it can not only It will play a role in the lubrication of the gas equipment, but will cause corrosion, which will lead to the failure of the gas equipment in a certain period of time. Although the injection screw air compressor has internal oil and gas separators, the oil and gas separation is entered, but the temperature of the compressed air entering the oil and gas separator is higher, that is, the oil vapor. The pressure is also high, and the oil vapor can not be completely separated in the “oil and gas separator”, plus the quality of the oil core and the working conditions of the compressor in actual operation, etc., Compressor The oil content in the compressed air discharged is sometimes not very low, and there is even a tendency to gradually increase. Air compressor During the use, it may be necessary to add lubricating oil. However, if it is necessary to refuel frequently, it is caused by excessive fuel consumption. It is necessary to carry out the air compressor unit. Check to find out the cause of the malfunction and take action. The oil content in compressed air is generally expressed in mg/m3 (ie, the oil content per cubic meter of compressed air), and is also expressed in ppmw (weight ratio) and ppmv (volume ratio). (1ppm/m3= 1mg/m3) causes the main cause of increased oil content in the air use system (compressor) The opening pressure of the pressure valve is low, and it is not guaranteed that the oil-gas mixture gas passes through the fine separator filter at a relatively normal flow rate, ensuring a good separation effect. Oil and gas separator filter quality air compressor low pressure operation. The above reasons are most important for the quality of the oil separator filter. Of course, the design of the oil separator is also important, such as the upper intake, the lower intake structure, the loop flow rate, and the like. 2. Solid Impurities There are various types of suspended solids in the air, but they can be subdivided according to the size of the particles. All suspended matter of diameter <100μm is called "total suspended matter" The suspension of diameter &10;mu&m;m is called "inhalable particulate matter". The suspended matter in the flowing air does not easily settle and can settle slowly in still air. 3. Dryness is the requirement of water content or dew point temperature: different processes have different requirements for the dew point temperature of the compressed air. For example, the dew point of the compressed air pressure used as the instrument is generally required to be below -40 °C. The pressure dew point of the compressed air in the semiconductor chip factory may be required to be -70 ° C, but in most cases, it is sufficient to require the dew point temperature of the compressed air to be above 0 ° C. The dew point requirement for compressed air is usually achieved by a dryer.

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