Inlet air temperature screw air compressor The design operating temperature is 5 ° C to 50 ° C, and the measuring point is the air inlet point. 1. Condensation - Low temperature When the humidity is relatively high, and the operating temperature is relatively low, the condensed water tends to accumulate in the oil. Air compressor is equipped with a temperature control valve, the temperature is set at 70 ° C (this is the temperature necessary for saturated steam evaporation), when the oil temperature is higher than this temperature, the oil passes through the oil cooler. In areas where the ambient temperature is below 5 °C, heaters are required under the oil and gas separation cylinder when using this unit (please contact the technical department). 2. Overheating - High temperature When the ambient temperature is above 50 °C or in a room with a boiler installed, the air must be introduced from the outside when using the unit. Air compressor The maximum operating temperature is 105 ° C. You must find out the cause of the fault according to the manual or contact customer service. 3. Exhaust temperature Air compressor The temperature measurement point of the exhaust temperature is set at the exhaust port. The exhaust temperature varies depending on the ambient temperature, the cleanliness of the cooler, the cleanliness of the intake filter, and the cleaning of the oil filter. The normal operating temperature should be between 70 ° C and 90 ° C.

In the cold state, the exhaust temperature rises rapidly to 85 °C, and the temperature control valve is fully open (the temperature control valve starts to operate at 70 °C). When the oil temperature returns to 70 ° C, then the temperature control valve will bypass a part of the oil to prevent the oil temperature from being too low. The temperature control valve controls the amount of oil passing through the oil cooler to adjust the exhaust temperature.

Label [screw air compressor exhaust temperature] [temperature before and after the screw air compressor is turned on]

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