Maintenance of screw air compressor

I. Regular maintenance and maintenance of major components

In order to enable the air compressor Normal and reliable operation, to ensure the service life of the unit, a detailed maintenance plan must be established, and the personnel operation, regular maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out to keep the air compressor unit clean, oil-free and free of dirt.

Maintenance of the main parts is carried out according to the following table:


A. When repairing and replacing the parts according to the above table, it must be determined that the pressure in the air compressor system is excessive and the condensed water is deposited. Excessive moisture in the oil will cause emulsification of the lubricating oil and affect the safe operation of the machine. For example:

---Cause the compressor main engine to lubricate Bad;

---The effect of oil and gas separation is worse, the pressure difference of the oil separator becomes larger;

--- Causes corrosion of the machine.

Therefore, a condensate discharge schedule should be established based on humidity.

Draining method for condensate from screw air compressor

should be carried out after the machine is shut down, there is no pressure in the oil and gas separation tank, sufficient cooling, and the condensed water is fully precipitated, such as before starting in the morning.

1 Unscrew the ball valve front plug at the bottom of the oil and gas separation tank.

2 Slowly open the ball valve drain until oil flows out and close the ball valve.

3 Screw on the front of the ball valve.

Safety Valves

The safety valve has been set before the machine leaves the factory. We do not encourage users to adjust the safety valve privately. If adjustment is necessary, it should be carried out under the guidance of the local labor safety department or the maintenance personnel of the company. Otherwise, the company will not be responsible for all the consequences caused by this.

Maintenance advice

For general users, provide some compressor maintenance suggestions, users can refer to the implementation.

1 Weekly:

a. Check the unit for abnormal sounds and leaks ;

bCheck that the meter reading is correct;

c. Check if the temperature is displayed shows normal.

2 Monthly:

a. Check for rust and looseness inside the machine Wherever, if there is rust, remove the rust and oil or paint, and tighten the loose place;

b. Drain the condensate.

3 every three months:

a. Clear the outer surface of the cooler and Fan cover, dust at the fan blade;

b. Add lubricant to the motor bearing;

c. Check the hose for aging or cracking;

d. Check the electrical components and clean the electrical control box.

Spiral air compressor compressor replenishment

In the operating state, the oil level of the compressor should be kept between the lowest and highest oil levels. The oil will affect the separation effect. The oil will affect the lubrication and cooling performance of the machine. During the cycle, if the oil level is lower than the minimum oil level, the lubricant should be replenished in time:

1 The internal pressure release is stopped (confirm the system is not Pressure), pull down the main power switch.

2 Open the fuel filler on the oil and gas separation tank and add an appropriate amount of cooling oil.

3 For the oil change time after the air compressor is running normally, refer to the regular maintenance table.

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