A few days ago, I received a question from a customer: What is the cause of the oil leakage from the screw air compressor motor used in their home? After that, our after-sales personnel ask the customer to understand the situation and the solution according to the following methods:

1. First, understand the oil leakage of the motor, the leak is the butter (the bearing lubricant in the motor) or the air compressor. The special oil for the screw, that is, the color of the oil

2. If it is butter, it is the leakage of the bearing oil in the motor. It is basically determined that the windshield on the motor is worn or damaged. Replace, but the customer who asked this is the reason, leaking butter, and then changing the windshield problem will be solved (specifically, the screw air compressor linked by the coupling)

3, if yes If the special oil for the screw is leaked, then consider whether the screw of the return pipe connected to the motor is loose. If it is loose, please check and tighten it.