When you use screw air compressor, you usually encounter motor failure. Now let's talk about the cause and solution of the screw air compressor failure. Listen to DSNEair air compressor slowly! 1. Overloading the compressor failure, causing the abnormal load of the motor to run or even stall. Contact the manufacturer, check for repairs to the compressor, or replace the motor with the right capacity. 2. The motor broom (fixed, rotor core phase friction) current exceeds the rated value, and the motor temperature rise exceeds the rated temperature rise. Bearing oil shortage, dry grinding or rotor mechanical dissimilarity, resulting in motor rotor broom, so that the motor current exceeds the rated value. First, the bearing wear should be carefully checked. If it is not qualified, replace the new bearing. Secondly, clean the bearing and inject a proper amount of grease. Then check the motor end cover. If the center hole of the end cap is worn out due to wear, the end cap should be treated or replaced. 3. Short circuit caused by metal impurities During the manufacturing process of the motor, impurities left in the winding or trapped, due to the normal vibration of the compressor during operation or the electromagnetic force of the winding, will cause a short circuit between these impurities and the winding enameled wire. Contact the motor manufacturer and check for repairs after consultation. 4. AC contactor problem a. The contactor or contactor is not properly selected according to the load of the motor. AC contactors must be able to withstand the most demanding conditions, such as continuous overload, withstand motor stall current and 80% of the nameplate voltage, to avoid abnormal load and large current during stalling, which can lead to the welding of the main contacts of the AC contactor. . b. The AC contactor coil voltage or power supply capacity is insufficient, resulting in improper suction. The main contact of the AC contactor must be instantaneously disconnected and instantaneously closed. Single contact arcing, contact jitter, or even soldering or poor contact can cause three-phase circuit imbalance or motor phase loss. 5, power supply phase loss and voltage abnormalities, causing the motor can not start, even if the no-load can start, the speed slowly rises, there is a buzzing sound, the motor smokes and heats, accompanied by burnt smell. I. The fuse circuit of the motor power supply circuit is in poor contact, and the specifications of the three-phase fuse are incorrect, causing the fuse of a certain phase to be blown. . Replace the fuse with the same specification according to the motor power.
II, the switch in the motor power supply circuit and the contact of the contactor are in poor contact (burn or loose). Repair and adjust the moving and static contacts to make them in good contact.
III, the phase of a phase is missing. Detect the broken wire and connect it securely.
IV, the virtual winding between the motor windings, resulting in poor contact. Carefully check the motor winding connections and solder them securely. 6. Motor overload protection failure check and reset or adjustment. 7. The winding is grounded, the motor can't start without load, and the fuse of the motor power supply circuit is blown or the switch trips.
I, motor winding insulation damage. II. The rotor balance block loosens or falls off, and the motor winding insulation is scraped. III. The insulation of the winding lead wire is damaged.
8, winding phase-to-phase short circuit, the motor can not start; the motor power supply circuit fuse blown or switch trip; motor winding smoke, burnt smell. Contact the motor manufacturer and check for repairs after consultation. 9. The winding is short-circuited between turns, the motor emits smoke during operation, the local temperature rise is too high, and there is a burnt smell. Contact the motor manufacturer and check for repairs after consultation. Label[screw air compressor motorFault] [Motor fault handling method]Recommended > 3 cubic air compressor 6 cubic air compressor 10 cubic air compressor