In the daily operation of the air compressor, the oil leakage phenomenon of the air compressor often occurs, and the appearance of the oil overflows. Air compressor oil leakage failure reasons The following: โ—† Air compressor oil leakage failure reason : 1, oil seal off or oil seal defect oil leakage. 2. The loose spindle causes the oil seal to leak oil. 3. The joint surface leaks, and the inlet and return oil pipe joints are loose. 4. The belt is installed too tightly and the main shaft is worn. 5, casting or processing defects will also cause air compressor oil leakage. โ—† Air compressor oil leakage fault judgment and elimination method: 1, air compressor oil leakage, should pay attention to observe the oil seal parts, check the oil seal for cracks, cracks or cuffs in the inner lip. If one of the above conditions should be replaced; check whether the oil seal and the spindle joint surface are scratched or defective, and the scratches and defects should be replaced. Check whether the oil return is unblocked, and the oil return is too smooth, so that the pressure of the crankcase is too high, causing the oil seal to leak or fall off. The minimum pipe diameter of the oil return pipe must be ensured, and the oil pipe is not twisted, bent, and the oil is smooth. Check the oil seal and the size of the cabinet. Replace it if it does not meet the standard. 2. Move the spindle to check whether the neck clearance is too large. If the clearance is too large, the bearing bush and oil seal should be replaced at the same time. 3. Check the sealing condition of each joint seal, repair or replace the gasket; check the inlet and return oil joint bolts and the box thread and tighten. 4. Check the oil leakage of the air compressor and re-adjust the tightness of the belt. It is advisable to press the thumb 10 mm. 5. If the air compressor leaks oil, it is necessary to check the defects in the casting or processing of the box, and repair or replace the defective parts. Label [ screw air compressor oil leakage failure cause] [ screw air compressor failure cause analysis]

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