I. Analysis of oil leakage failure
In the daily operation of screwair compressor, screw air compressor oil spill often occurs Phenomenon, there is oil spill on the outside.
Air compressor Causes of oil leakage:
1. The oil seal is detached or the oil seal is leaking.
2, the spindle loosely causes the oil seal to leak oil.
3, the joint surface leaks, the inlet and return oil pipe joints are loose.
4, the belt is installed too tight, resulting in the bearing shell wear.
5, casting or processing defects will also cause air compressor oil leakage.
Screw air compressor Oil leakage fault judgment and troubleshooting method:
1, Air compressor oil leakage, pay attention to observe oil seal parts, check oil seal Whether there are cracks, cracks or cuffs in the inner lip. If one of the above conditions should be replaced; check whether the oil seal and the spindle joint surface are scratched or defective, and the scratches and defects should be replaced. Check whether the oil return is unblocked, and the oil return is too smooth, so that the pressure of the crankcase is too high, causing the oil seal to leak or fall off. The minimum pipe diameter of the oil return pipe must be ensured, and the oil pipe is not twisted, bent, and the oil is smooth. Check the oil seal and the size of the cabinet. Replace it if it does not meet the standard.
2, force the spindle to check whether the neck clearance is too large, the gap should be too large should replace the bearing bush and oil seal.
3, check the sealing of each joint seal, repair or replace the gasket; check the inlet and return joint bolts and the box thread and tighten.
4, Air compressor oil leakage check and re-adjust the belt tightness, the thumb should be pressed 10 mm.
5, Air compressor oil leakage, need to check the shell casting or processing defects, repair or replace defective parts.
Second, overheat fault analysis
In the daily operation of air compressor, it will be empty due to the long-term overload operation of air compressor The press is overheated. Air filter
Air compressor Overheating failure phenomenon:
1, Air compressor Exhaust temperature is too high.
2, the operating part is hot.
Air compressor Cause of overheating failure:
1. The loose pressure valve or the unloading valve does not work, causing the air compressor overheating fault.
2, the air brake system leaks seriously causing air compressor overheating failure.
3, the operating part is insufficient for oil supply and pull the cylinder. Label [Common troubleshooting of screw air compressor] [Solution solution for screw air compressor machine]
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