Lubricating oil is wrong
Screw air compressor The lubricating oil for the cylinder is SYB1216-60S, the grade is HS-13 and Air compressor oil of HS-19. From the point of view of viscosity, HS-19 lubricant is generally used in summer and air compressor oil of HS-13 in winter. From the point of view of viscosity, S-19 oil is generally used in summer and lubricating oil is used in winter. However, some operators do not pay attention to the choice of cylinder lubricants, and believe that as long as there is lubricating oil in summer or winter. If HS-13 lubricating oil is used in summer, the temperature of the cylinder is also high due to the high ambient temperature, so that the viscosity of the lubricating oil is lowered, which is not conducive to lubrication on the one hand, and easy to make the piston ring pulling cylinder Surface; on the other hand, it is not conducive to the sealing of the cylinder, easy to leak, and increase energy consumption. Similarly, if HS-19 lubricant is used in winter, its viscosity is too large, although it is good for sealing, it increases the resistance of the piston ring of the air compressor and the resistance of the gas flowing through the valve passage, which increases the energy consumption of the air compressor. . Therefore, the cylinder lubricant must be replaced in time as the season changes. Scraper ring misassembly
In the single-action air compressor repair, the repairer often does not pay attention to the assembly direction of the scraper ring , thus causing misassembly: This air compressor is mostly splash lubrication, but the amount of oil splashed on the working surface of the cylinder is not easy to control. If too much lubricating oil enters the cylinder, and the low flash point of the lubricating oil increases not only the consumption of lubricating oil, but also the formation of carbon deposits in the exhaust valve, passage and ring groove, which affects the normal operation of the equipment; If too much lubricating oil enters the air system and cannot be discharged in time, when the mixed gas of air and oil vapor reaches a certain concentration ratio, it may cause burning and explosion. Therefore, the assembly direction of the scraper ring must be correct, otherwise it will not function as expected. At the same time, in order to allow the scraped oil to smoothly flow back to the crankcase without accumulating in the cylinder, a corresponding oil return hole is opened on the piston at the lower portion of the scraper ring, so that the lubricating oil returns to the crankcase. Label [Spiral air compressor operation error zone] [Air compressor operation error zone]Recommended 3 cubic air compressor 6 cubic air compressor 10 cubic air compressor