1. Air compressor Check before starting 1), Spiral master check a. Manually rotate the coupling of the screw main unit from two different directions in case of power failure Confirm that the screw head is not locked. b. When the air compressor is stopped for more than two months or after being stored for a period of time, the intake valve must be opened, and the semi-liter (compressor special oil is added through the intake valve. . Manually rotate the screw mainframe coupling from two different directions to ensure that the oil enters the screw mainframe. c. When reconnecting the intake pipe, make sure the nozzle is sealed. 2), Oil level check to open the side door, you can see the level gauge on the oil separator, the oil level can not be lower than the level gauge, and in the middle position of the level gauge, The same is true for runtime. (The maximum oil level is limited by the injection port) Add the specified oil to ensure that the lid of the oil filling port is tightly closed and the sealing ring can be properly sealed. 3) Confirm that the exhaust gas shutoff valve opens 4), discharges gas storage tank and oil separator condensate 2, empty Pressing machine When the booting operation panel is turned on for the first time, the phase sequence must be checked to prevent the host from being reversed and the host is damaged. (Air compressor itself has phase sequence protection. When the phase sequence is wrong, the air compressor can't start.) After pressing the start button, press the red stop switch immediately Compressor There is a steering arrow sign on it, and the Compressor steering must match the steering arrow sign. If the steering is not correct, stop compressor immediately, and cut off the compressor power supply, and swap any two of the three wires.
Shutdown60 Within seconds, do not start the machine, the pressure inside the oil and gas tank must be completely released(Prevent the air compressor from having a back Start under pressure)3, Air compressor After running the program, the unit will enter normal operation and check the operating parameters during operation. When there is abnormal sound and abnormal vibration during operation, stop immediately. 2. The pipeline and the container are under pressure during operation, and the pipe bolts or joints must not be loosened. 3. If the oil level on the oil level gauge is not visible during long-term operation and the temperature rises gradually, stop immediately. Observe the oil level after 10 minutes of shutdown. If it is not enough, refill the oil when there is no pressure inside the system. 4. The parameters such as pressure, temperature and oil level must be recorded every day during operation for future reference. Press the Air Compressor stop button and stop after about 10 to 30 seconds.
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