Spiral air compressor users must have encountered problems with the host or motor overload and stop, don't worry, Shanghai DSNEair Machinery Group solves problems for you. . . .

1, The voltage is too low:

General screw air compressor rated working pressure For 380V, the upper and lower limits are allowed to float at around 5%. The voltage mentioned here is the normal operating voltage of the machine, because many construction sites (the factory voltage supply is relatively stable, this is not the case). The transformer is relatively small. When the equipment is not turned on, the voltage is 400V, but the voltage is off when the equipment is turned on. At 350V, the normal operating voltage is only 360V, and the short-term use problem is not big. If it is used for a long time, it will cause great damage to the electrical system.

Second, The screw air compressor unit pressure exceeds the rated pressure:

For example, a 0.7 MPa machine, the actual pressure reaches 0.75 MPa, it is prone to overload phenomenon. Do not adjust the 7 kg air compressor to 8 kg. First, safety cannot be guaranteed. Second, equipment is not resistant to pressure and life is shortened. Therefore, how much pressure is needed to purchase the air compressor with the corresponding pressure.

Three, The wiring is loose:

Check if the input screw air compressor power cord has The traces of the burning scorch, mainly check the three-phase voltage line, if there is loose or short-circuit condition, then it is better to give the reconnection.

Four, Screw air compressor contactor failure:

Touch in contactor The head is aging, the suction is poor, the contact surface is small, the current is large, and the overload of the air compressor is a trivial matter. The burning of the electrical system is something that people do not want to see.

V. The plug of the air compressor of the screw air compressor is blocked:

The oil core is clogged, the internal pressure is high, the load is large, and the current is high, so it will be overloaded. Misunderstanding: Do not think that the new replacement does not stop for a long time, the site environment is dirty, and the impurities in the oil and gas barrels are easy to block the oil core. The new oil split core, the environment is also OK, but it is blocked after 200 hours of operation, which is related to the quality of the oil core.