Intake valve is one of the core components of screw air compressor gas volume adjustment, especially in the matching parts of screw air compressor, with the continuous improvement of the intelligent control level of air compressor As the requirements for intake valves are getting higher and higher, DSNEair is one of the few air compressor manufacturers that can produce 1-100 cubic screw air compressors by itself. It is natural in the selection of intake valves. Unambiguous. Then let's take a brief look at the intake valve.

1. Structural features of the intake valve:
The air intake valve uses a large number of modular designs to reduce the internal piping of the air compressor. The valve member reduces the connecting pipe fittings and joints by about 70% compared with the conventional design, so that the compressed air to the exhaust outlet end, the internal loss (for the loss of the pipe fittings and the valve member) is not more than about 0.1 bar, which can reduce the general design. Avoid high failure rates, multiple leaks, and cumbersome maintenance. Thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving.

2, intake valve action
The role of the intake valve is mainly used to control the amount of air entering the compressor mainframe, full load (100%) or no load according to the actual gas consumption (0% )run. If the intake valve fails, the air compressor will not load.

3, the reason why the intake valve does not open
Loading and unloading solenoid valve failure;
The internal components of the intake valve are aging, resulting in a tight seal, the internal pressure of the cylinder can not be advanced The valve is opened, causing the intake valve to fail to open.
The intake valve shaft is stuck.

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