Consider compressed air quality. Generally, the compressed air produced by air compressor contains a certain amount of lubricating oil and has a certain amount of water. In some cases, it is forbidden and forbidden. At this time, not only must the compressor be selected, it must be Need to increase post-processing equipment (oxygen, nitrogen, food and other industries).

Select Unlubricated air compressor, only the gas can be oil-free, not water-free. It is a air compressor (regardless of which) plus a primary or secondary purification unit or dryer. This device can make the compressor air contain neither oil nor water, so that the oil content in the compressed air can be reduced to a certain level or less, which can meet the process requirements.

The degree of drying and purification of compressed gas is also different depending on the requirements of the customer's requirements. The general user configuration scheme is: compressor + gas tank + FC centrifugal oil water separator (front) + refrigerated dryer + FT main line filter + FA micro oil mist filter + (adsorption dryer + FT + FH activated carbon Deodorizing filter). Where D is a C-stage centrifugal oil-water separator, completely filtering 3 & mu; or larger solid ions, removing 99% moisture, 40% oil mist, oil content: 1-3PPM;

FT grade Main line filter, fully filter 1μ or larger solid ions, remove 100% water, 70% oil mist, atmospheric pressure dew point: -23 ° C, oil content: 1 PPM;

FA For micro-oil mist filters, micro-glass fibers are specially designed for density, diameter and surface treatment to filter 0.01μ solid particles. The outer sponge layer absorbs and discharges oil mist, which removes 99.999% oil mist.

FH is an activated carbon deodorizing filter that filters 0.01μ solid particles. The outer sponge layer absorbs and discharges the oil mist, and the residual oil rate is 0.003 ppm.

Because the gas storage tank belongs to the pressure vessel, the safety accessories such as safety valve, pressure gauge and sewage valve should be fully equipped.

Use a 1000L gas storage tank with a displacement of 2 to 4 m3/min or less.

Use a 1500L to 2000L gas storage tank with a displacement of 6 to 10 m3/min or less.

It is recommended to borrow existing gas tanks or series in order to save one-time input costs.

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