In factories all over the world, we often see many cans shining in the sun. In these tanks, we can find the screw compressor gas tank. Air compressor is one of the common equipment for industrial enterprises. Almost all processing companies have air compressors, which provide endless power for industrial enterprises. . The gas storage tank is one of the matching accessories of air compressor. Whether it is the smallest air pump or the compressor which is hundreds of cubic meters, you can see the round carbon. Steel/stainless steel tank. Although this tank is not very popular, it must be equipped with a air compressor, but it is impossible to abandon it. This is why it does not attract attention but plays a very important role. The gas storage tank belongs to the pressure vessel type, the structure is very simple, and the production is not complicated. Only the steel plate is rolled up, a welded seam is connected, and the upper and lower bottoms are welded. However, it is not as simple as its appearance. As a pressure vessel, it must be able to withstand considerable pressure to be competent. Although the cylinder is very thick, it is not acceptable for ordinary steel to withstand a certain pressure. This can only be known after the pressure test. Gas storage tanks vary in size and use. For air compressors, the medium is not necessarily air. The gas storage tanks are sometimes divided into natural gas storage tanks and liquefied gas storage tanks. Biogas storage tanks, other inert gas storage tanks, etc., and some high-pressure gas storage tanks and low-pressure gas storage tanks. Gas storage tanks are special equipment, which have high safety requirements and are very strict in management. It is usually tested by the pressure department of the local labor department and issued a license to be allowed. On the air compressor, you can see this blue enamel license plate, which reads “Volume Vessel License”, the labor inspection department is also marked with the number of this equipment. Each gas storage tank has a “hukou” in the labor department, and this “accounts” is in the hands of each user and must be inspected regularly. A brief introduction to the gas storage tank, then the selection of the gas storage tank of the gas storage tank is a pressure vessel, and safety performance is the primary consideration. In normal gas storage tank manufacturers, they are all produced according to the national standard. Therefore, in the production of qualified pressure vessel manufacturers, the performance of the gas storage tank is reliable. The choice of the gas tank is calculated according to the amount of gas produced by the air compressor and the pressure. Considering the air compressor after stopping the air, it is necessary to ensure that there is a certain amount of other available in the gas storage tank, generally air compressor for every cubic gas produced, With 3-10 cubic meters of gas storage tanks, there are specific calculation formulas and well-calculated charts. The manufacturers of general gas storage tanks will give information. There are basically two ways to install gas storage tanks, one is installed inside the plant, and the other is installed outside the plant. Some air compressors are connected in series to use a gas storage tank, and some are a air compressor with a gas storage tank behind, and then several units connected in series to form a large gas storage tank after the post-treatment. . Say the option of the gas tank, then we have to discuss the maintenance and discharge of the gas tank. 1. The maintenance of the gas tank is mainly to prevent the internal surface from rusting, but it is difficult to notice this problem. In the case that the air compressor is not used for a long time, the gas storage tank is prone to corrosion, so it is necessary to do internal inspection and anti-corrosion work. Inspections should be arranged during the annual parking inspection process to ensure that their failures do not occur internally. Another focus of maintenance is the safe use of accessories such as safety valves, which is the most important safety guarantee for special equipment such as gas storage tanks. If the safety valve fails, the gas storage tank may be a bomb 2. The sewage disposal tank is a daily operation of the gas storage tank. According to the regulations, it is generally required to discharge 2-4 times in eight hours. This not only ensures the quality of the compressed gas, but also removes the impurities in the gas tank and prevents the corrosion of the gas tank from deepening.

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