Here are some basic elements of the screw air compressor selection:
◆Selection of exhaust pressure:
Recommendation: First of all, to determine the work required to use the gas end Pressure, plus 1-2 bar margin, then select air compressor pressure, (the balance is considered from the air compressor installation site to the actual gas The pressure loss at the end pipe distance depends on the pressure margin depending on the length of the distance between 1-2 bar.
Of course, the size of the pipe diameter and the number of turning points are also factors affecting the pressure loss. The larger the pipe diameter and the smaller the turning point, the smaller the pressure loss; otherwise, the greater the pressure loss .
Therefore, when the distance between the air compressor and each air end line is too far, the diameter of the main line should be properly enlarged. If the environmental conditions meet the installation requirements of Air compressor and the working conditions permit, it can be installed near the gas end.
◆ Volume flow selection:
1 When selecting air compressor volume flow, you should first understand the volume flow of all gas equipment, multiply the total flow rate by 1.2 (ie enlarge 20% margin).
2 New items can be selected according to the flow value provided by the design institute.
3 should be selected from the gas equipment supplier to understand the volume flow parameters of the gas equipment.
4Air compressor station reconstruction can be selected with reference to the original parameter values ​​combined with the actual gas usage.
Appropriate selection, both the user and the air compressor equipment are beneficial, the selection is too large waste, the selection is too small may cause air compressor Long-term loading or lack of gas or pressure can not get up and down.
◆The relationship between power and working pressure, volumetric flow rate

In the case of constant power, when the speed changes, the volume flow and working pressure also change accordingly; For example: a 22KW air compressor, the working pressure is determined to be 7bar at the time of manufacture, the speed is calculated according to the technical curve of the compressor main engine, the displacement is 3.8 m³ /min; when the working pressure is determined At 8 bar, the speed must be reduced (otherwise the drive motor will be overloaded), at which point the displacement is 3.6 m³ /min; because the speed is reduced, the exhaust is reduced accordingly, and so on.
The power selection is based on the working pressure and volume flow, and the power supply capacity can meet the power of the matched drive motor.
Therefore, the steps of selecting an air compressor are: first determine the working pressure, then determine the corresponding volume flow, and finally the power supply capacity.
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