When the air compressor is running, the temperature is too high, sometimes it will cause the air compressor to stop running, which will affect the production. What are the reasons for the abnormal temperature of the air compressor? ◆1. The surrounding environment of the air compressor affects the heat dissipation of the air compressor. For example, the air compressor is too close to the wall or obstacles, there are other heat sources near the air compressor, and the front door or side door is open when the air compressor is running, resulting in a fan. The inability to form a strong air flow can result in poor ventilation and heat dissipation in the air compressor environment. ◆ 2, the radiator is blocked. When there is more dust in the surrounding environment of the air compressor, the long-term operation of the air compressor will cause a layer of dust or oil to adhere to the surface of the radiator, and the internal structure is also easily blocked due to the accumulation of grease, which affects the heat dissipation effect. ◆3, the oil filter is too dirty. When the oil filter in the compressor is too dirty, the resistance oil cannot enter the compressor at the normal flow rate, and the compressor will heat up rapidly due to insufficient cooling oil. When the oil pressure difference between the inlet and outlet exceeds 0.18Mpa, the filter element needs to be replaced. ◆4. The cooling oil level is too low. When the air compressor is inspected by the cold machine, the oil level should be replenished immediately below the lower end of the inspection tube. ◆5, low oil label or poor oil quality. The air compressor adopts the special compressor oil of the manufacturer. When other low-grade or inferior oil is used, the viscosity and specific heat will not reach the standard, resulting in excessive temperature. ◆6. The fan tape is broken or slack. When the tape is broken, the air compressor will run automatically for about 5 minutes, because the temperature is too high, it will stop automatically. If the tape is too loose, it will slip, which will reduce the fan speed and affect the heat dissipation. Therefore, the tightness of the fan tape needs to be replaced or adjusted. ◆7, the oil shut-off valve is out of order. There is a fuel cut-off valve between the oil filter and the compressor. When the oil shut-off valve cannot be opened, there is no lubricating oil and cooling. After the compressor starts, the temperature rises rapidly, and about 1Min will stop automatically. The temperature plug of the exhaust end of the compressor main unit should be removed, and it is found that the temperature plug is dry and oil-free, and there will be blue smoke floating out of the hole. Open the air compressor access hole, remove the oil shut-off valve, and gently push the valve stem with your fingers to see if it can be pushed back and forth or can be easily reset. If it is difficult to move or return, it is necessary to further reduce the disintegration of the oil valve. If the valve stem or valve hole is greased, it needs to be sanded with fine sandpaper until it can slide easily; if the spring is broken or there is a foreign matter card, it will affect the movement of the valve stem. In this case, you need to replace the spring or the cleaning spring or the spring seat. ◆8, the oil separator core is too dirty. When the oil separator core is too dirty, the oil will affect the circulation due to excessive resistance, causing overheating shutdown. If this happens, the pressure difference between before and after loading should be judged. When the pressure difference between the two ends is the initial or maximum pressure difference of 0.1Mpa at the beginning of the startup, the oil separator core should be cleaned or replaced. ◆9. The thermostat bypass valve is in the open position. The thermostat bypass valve is in the open position when the machine is cold, and gradually closes after the temperature rises. When it fails, it may remain in the open position, and the cooling oil will flow back directly from the air compressor without passing through the radiator, so the temperature will rise slowly and cause the machine to stop. The inspection method is similar to the oil valve inspection method. ◆10, the exhaust pressure is too high. When the exhaust pressure exceeds the rated pressure, the long-term operation will cause the air compressor to stop due to the excessive load of the compressor and the diesel engine. If this happens, check and adjust the pressure valve first, then check the diesel throttle control system and eliminate the fault. Label [What should I do if the screw air compressor temperature is too high?][What should I do if the screw air compressor is at high temperature?]

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