Screw air compressor is widely used in mining, chemical, power, metallurgy, construction, machinery, refrigeration and other industrial sectors, and gradually replaces other types of compressors within a wide range of capacity and industrial and mining scope. Statistics show that sales of screw compressors have accounted for more than 80% of volumetric compressor sales, and 50% of all running positive displacement compressors are screw compressors. In the future, the market share of screw compressors will continue to expand, especially the oil-free screw air compressor and various types of screw process compressors will achieve faster development.
The ordinary air compressor is modified to a variable frequency type, which can reduce the cost of operation and extend the life of the machine. The motor of the ordinary air compressor is not allowed to start frequently, resulting in the motor still running at no load when the amount of gas used is small, wasting power. Frequent unloading and loading causes the entire gas network pressure to change frequently and does not maintain a constant working pressure.
Then after the inverter is modified, the air compressor starts from the low frequency, and its starting acceleration time can be adjusted, thereby reducing the impact on the electrical components and mechanical components of the compressor during starting, and enhancing the reliability of the system. The life of the compressor is extended. In addition, the variable frequency control can reduce the current fluctuation when the unit starts. This fluctuation current will affect the power consumption of the power grid and other equipment. The frequency converter can effectively reduce the peak value of the starting current to a minimum. Inverter frequency control compressors Compared with traditionally controlled compressors, energy conservation is the most practical. Compressor operating conditions based on gas demand are economical operating conditions. Improve the accuracy of the pressure control so that the air pressure output of the compressor matches the amount of air required by the user's air system. The output air volume of the variable frequency control compressor changes with the change of the motor speed, which effectively improves the quality of the working condition.
Change the power frequency 50HZ no-load operation to the frequency conversion 30HZ no-load operation to achieve energy saving. Then we change the power frequency 50HZ no-load operation to the energy-saving analysis after frequency conversion 30HZ no-load operation (inverter working mode constant voltage frequency ratio). When the motor is changed from power frequency 50HZ to no-load 30HZ no-load operation, the phase voltage of the stator winding is U=U× f is set to ÷ f = 228V, the square of the voltage is proportional to the motor output torque, so the power frequency 50HZ no-load operation changed to 20HZ after no-load operation, the motor output torque became close to the original 1/3.
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