When screw air compressor has a series of conventional problems such as no loading, over-temperature, excessive fuel consumption, and increased noise, our DSNEair after-sales personnel are excluded from the following reasons. Finally, the screw air compressor is running normally, and I hope that the conventional fault removal method can help you.

Faultreasonexclude Method
1, Compressor does not loada, the pressure on the gas line exceeds the rated load pressure, the pressure regulator is disconnectedNo action is required, when the pressure on the gas line is lower than the pressure regulator load (position) pressure, Compressor will load automatically.
b, solenoid valve failureRemove the inspection and replace if necessary
c, there is a leak in the control line between the oil separator and the unloading valveCheck the piping and connections If there is a leak, it needs to be repaired.
2, CompressorOver temperaturea, no oil or too low oil levelCheck, refuel if necessary, but Do not allow too much fuel.
b, oil filter blockedChange oil filter.
c, the oil shut-off valve fails, the spool is stuckRemove the inspection.
d, oil and gas separator filter blockage or excessive resistanceRemove inspection or replacement
e, oil cooler surface is blockedcheck, clean if necessary
3, Air compressor too much fuela, oil level too highCheck the oil level, drain the oil to the normal position after removing the pressure
b, the oil and gas separator filter is invalidRemove check or replace
c, too much foamReplace Recommended brand of oil
d, oil and gas separator filter return pipe joint at the restriction hole blockageCleaning restrictor hole
e, use oil incorrectlyReplace the recommended grade of oil
4, noise increasesa Damage to the intake end bearingRemove and replace
b, exhaust end bearing damageRemove and replace
c, motor bearing damageRemove and replace

5, the displacement and pressure are lower than the specified valuea, the air consumption exceeds the displacementCheck the connected equipment, clear the leak point or reduce the gas consumption
b, air filter Filter pluggingRemove the inspection and clean or replace the filter if necessary
c, safety valve LeakageRemove the inspection and replace if it is still not sealed after repair
d, CompressorInvalidContact the manufacturer and negotiate Check Compressor
e, there is a leak in the control line between the oil separator and the unloading valveCheck the pipes and connections, and repair if there is a leak
6. Air oil mist is ejected from the air filter after parkingCompressor check valve leak or damageRemove the inspection, replace if necessary, and replace the air filter at the same time Cleaner filter
7, fuel injection in the air filter after parkingblocking valve blockageRemove Check the cleaning and replace the air filter element
8, no condensate is discharged during operationrow Tube blockageCheck and dredge
Automatic trap failureRemove check
9, the safety valve will be released immediately after loadingSafety valve failureRemove and replace damaged parts

10, Compressor is functioning properly, it is difficult to start after shutdown a, use the oil brand number is wrong or use mixed oil should be thoroughly changed after cleaning oil
b Oily sticky, cokingChange oil after cleaning
c, severe shaft seal Air leakRemove and replace

11 After the unloading, the pressure continues to rise.a, the same as the 10th c the same as the 10th c
b, same as Article 10d Same as Article 10d

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