Screw air compressor is a kind of machine that compresses gas to increase gas pressure or deliver gas. It is widely used, and screw air compressor is an essential key equipment. one.

1. Compressed gas is used for refrigeration and gas separation. The gas is compressed, cooled, expanded and liquefied for artificial refrigeration. Such compressors are commonly referred to as ice machines or ice machines. If the liquefied gas is a mixed gas, the components can be separately separated in a separating apparatus to obtain various gases of acceptable purity. For example, the separation of petroleum cracking gas is first compressed, and then the components are separated at different temperatures.

2. Gas delivery, compressors are also used for gas pipeline transportation and bottling, such as remote gas and natural gas transportation, chlorine and carbon dioxide bottling.

3. Compressed gas is used as a power, and the air can be used as a power, mechanical and pneumatic tools, as well as control instruments and automation devices.

4. Compressed Gas for Synthesis and Polymerization In the chemical industry, certain gases are favorably synthesized and polymerized by increasing the pressure of the compressor. For example, the synthesis of cesium and hydrogen, the synthesis of methanol from hydrogen and carbon dioxide, the synthesis of urea from carbon dioxide and ammonia, and the production of polyethylene under high pressure.