Detecting screw air compressor consumables---The two indicators of the air filter are mainly efficiency and leakage coefficient. The sum of these two indicators is 100% for individual equipment, and The method of detecting the integrity of the filter is also complicated. Here we will briefly introduce the detection methods for everyone. These methods are the results obtained from the actual operation. They are not contradictory to the standards implemented, but because they are based on the evaluation of the average value, they are not included. The calculation of the error and confidence range allows for the statistical characteristics of the particles to be taken into account. According to the relevant regulations, the method used to evaluate the installed filter efficiency only calculates the average value of its parameters. It can also use the statistical concept to set the standard error and the 96% confidence range. However, some experts believe that such a method does not Too big to say because the whole method is based on assumptions that cannot be done in practice. 1. The first assumption is that the particle concentration at the inlet end of the filter does not change across the surface, so how do you detect it? The answer is undetectable, and the outliers of the concentration can reach 1/10 or even multiples. 2. The second assumption assumes that the wind speed at the outlet of the filter is constant, but the actual wind speed is not likely to maintain such a state, but allows a certain amount to be generated within the range of the average value plus or minus 20%. Variety. 3. The third hypothesis is based on the speed of the scan, which is also constant, but in practice, it is impossible for the human hand to maintain a strict uniform motion, which will inevitably cause slight jitter and pause. Therefore, the assumptions in the above series are far from the actual situation. The various factors of reality are very random, which means that the reality that these assumptions avoid is obviously beyond the methods. The 96% confidence limit should be considered. Label [Air filter] [screw air compressor wearing parts]Recommended 3 cubic air compressor 6 cubic air compressor 10 cubic air compressor