1. How to replace the air filter core
1.Open the air compressor door;
2. Unscrew the bolt on the air filter and gently take out the filter; Br /> 3. Check the condition of the air filter (replace if not good);
4. Clean the inside of the filter case with a damp cloth, and blow the dirt in the filter from the inside out with 2-3 bar of compressed air; 5. Replace the new filter element, install 2, replace the oil filter core1. Unscrew the old filter with a pliers;
2. Clean the contact surface; 3. The surface of the new filter seal is coated with a thin film of oil; 4. Hold the new filter with your hand until the gasket is sealed; 5. Check for leaks after turning on. 3. How to replace the oil core 1. Open the service side door of the machine; 2. Loosen the head connected to the minimum pressure valve; 3. Loosen the pipe on the oil separation cylinder cover, remember Ensure that it can be installed correctly; 4. Loosen the fastening bolts on the oil separation cylinder; 5. Gently lift the cover to clean the return line; 6. Take out the oil core; 7. Replace the new oil core and gasket. 8. Install in the opposite step, taking care to check the length of the return line. 9. Use a torque wrench to tighten the oil separator cover bolts
label[DSNEairscrew air compressorparts Daily maintenance and replacement] [Replacement method for wearing parts of screw air compressors]

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