I believe that many business units have used screw air compressor, I don’t know if the air compressor user knows its specific purpose, the following is as a general-purpose device-The specific use of air compressors, DSNEair Group reminds you to understand the use of the air compressor for your use. (1) With the development of science and technology, empty Presses are more and more widely used. 1. Power (as a medium for transmitting force) —— inexhaustible, safe 2. Traditional aerodynamics: pneumatic tools, rock drills, pneumatic picks, Pneumatic wrench, pneumatic blasting generally 0.6--1.5Mpa3, instrument control and automation devices, such as tool change in machining center, generally 0.6Mpa4, vehicle brake, door and window opening and closing, generally 0.2--0.6MPa5, Air-jet loom uses compressed air to blow weft yarn instead of shuttle, generally 0.1--0.2MPa6, food, pharmaceutical industry, using compressed air to stir the slurry, — general 0.2 & mdash; 0.6Mpa7, large marine diesel engine start, Generally 2.5--6.0Mpa ‘8, wind tunnel experiment, Lower channel ventilation, metal smelting, generally 6.0--10Mpa9, oil well fracturing 15Mpa
10, high-pressure air blasting coal mining 80Mpa11, weapon system, missile launch, torpedo launch generally 150--300Mpa12, submarine ups and downs, wreck salvage , submarine oil exploration, hovercraft 13, tire inflation, generally 0.20--0.25 Mpa14, painting, generally 0.3--0.6 Mpa15, blowing machine, generally 3.0--4.5 Mpa16, packaging (two) process A traditional chemical ammonia 15 & mdash; Mpa, 30— 45 Mpa, 80— 100MpaNitrogen-Hydrogen Compressor-Synthesis Tower, circulating compressor urea 21Mpa, CO2+ ammonia compressor polyethylene 280 Mpa, reflecting the national comprehensive strength B petrochemical petroleum refining : After ammonia is heated and reacted with oil, the hydrocarbon is recombined and split into light components, and 7-9 Mpa, 15 Mpa, and 32 Mpa (3) gas are transported to overcome the resistance in the flow, such as urban pipelines. Gas, cement plant powder bottling, such as bottling gas, natural gas car filling station, another company, set compressed air system design, selection, guidance installation, maintenance and commissioning services in one. We are in the country The city has set up 32 offices, to the nearest customer service. Our service tenet is: to provide the best products, technology and services to our customers, DSNEair is willing to work closely with friends from all walks of life to create a great cause, to help them to produce and improve their competitiveness to the maximum extent, and to win with customers. Development.Label [Use of screw air compressor] [Select air compressor according to process selection]Recommended 3 cubic screw air compressor 6 cubic screw Press 10 cubic screw air compressor