Screw air compressor The main part of the installation is the installation of the pipeline. A good pipeline installation scheme not only helps energy saving, but also reduces gas pressure loss, and is convenient for later maintenance. Therefore, it must be taken seriously. A good pipe installation must meet the following criteria:
1. The pipe size must be selected in accordance with the standards on the air compressor factory specifications. 2. There must be a spare pipe on the filter pipe. This design is designed to protect the normal gas consumption of the user during the maintenance of the filter. 3. When designing the pipeline installation route, the straight line should be shortened and kept, and the elbows and various valves should be reduced. This design is mainly to reduce gas pressure loss and achieve energy saving. 4. When installing the branch line, it must be taken out from the top of the main pipe. The purpose of this design is to avoid condensate flow in the pipeline to the inside of the twin screw air compressor. 5. If your screw air compressor is equipped with a gas storage tank, then a shut-off valve must be installed between the two. There are two purposes for this: one is to avoid the impact of the entire station or other air compressors during maintenance; the other is to prevent the occurrence of compressed air backflow failure during maintenance.

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