We often encounter some common faults in screw compressors, and then I will analyze and analyze some of the solutions to the faults and the causes.
Symptom: The compressor does not start.
Occasion: 1. There is a problem with the power supply 2. High and low voltage protection, antifreeze switch, flow switch, compressor motor overheat protection, etc. 3. The wiring is loose
Solution: 1. Identify the cause 2. Check the protection action reason, manually reset 3. Fix the loose cause and fix it
Compressor Frequent start and stop
Occurrence reason: 1. Excessive or insufficient refrigerant, resulting in pressure switch protection action 2, insufficient cooling water or excessive water temperature 3. Inadequate expansion valve or system solenoid valve is insufficient 4, dry filter is blocked 5, temperature relay amplitude is too small
Method: 1. Observe the sight glass to determine whether the refrigerant is suitable. If it is insufficient, find out the cause. Add the refrigerant 2. Increase the cooling water flow, lower the water temperature. 3. Check or adjust the opening degree of the expansion valve. Solenoid circuit or part. If there is any fault, it should be replaced. 4. Replace the dry filter core 5. Adjust the temperature control range.
Compressor noise or vibration
Occasion Cause: 1. Liquid refrigerant returns to the compressor 2. >CompressorThe internal parts are damaged or the gap is improper or the vibration is not properly damaged. 3. Oil shortage or overload
Solution: 1. Check the opening degree of the expansion valve. If there is too much refrigerant, it can discharge excess refrigeration. Agent 2, please check and repair the professional 3, check the oil level of the compressor and refuel, check the load condition
Exhaust pressure is too high
Occurrence: 1, the cooling water is too small, the water temperature is too high 2 Excessive refrigerant in the refrigerant system or non-condensable gas 3, exhaust three-way valve opening is not enough 4, fouling inside the condenser tube
Solution: 1. Increase the water supply, adjust the water supply valve opening, and reduce the cooling water temperature. Exclude excess refrigerant or non-condensable gases present. Open the pipeline three-way valve 4. Scale in the cleaning tube
Exhaust pressure is too low
Occurrence: 1. Excessive cooling water 2. Insufficient refrigerant 3. Compressor unloading work
Solution: 1. Check the amount of cooling water. Filling refrigerant 3. Check the reason for unloading
Inspiratory pressure is too high
Occurrence reason: 1. Excessive heat load 2, expansion valve opening is too large 3, expansion valve temperature package is loose 4, system has non-condensing gas<br  Solution: 1, reduce the load or increase the refrigeration equipment 2, adjust the opening degree of the expansion valve 3, put the positive temperature package, tightly packed, 4, discharge non-condensing gas.
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