Screw air compressor There are three kinds of fault phenomena when operating abnormal noise. The causes and troubleshooting methods are as follows: ◆ Fault phenomenon: 1. Metal impact sound; 2. Uniform knocking sound; Friction and howling. ◆Cause of failure: 1. The connecting rod is seriously worn, the connecting rod bolt is loose, the connecting rod bushing is seriously worn, the main shaft is seriously worn or damaged, and the impact sound is generated; 2. The belt is too loose, the main and passive belt groove type does not match, causing the slip to produce a squeak 3; Air compressor does not immediately supply oil after running, metal dry friction produces howling; 4, fixing bolt loose; 5, tightening gear nut loose, causing excessive backlash to produce tapping sound. ◆Damage judgment and troubleshooting method: 1. Check whether the connecting rod bush, connecting rod bushing and main bearing bush are worn, strained or burned, and whether the connecting rod bolt is loose, check the air compressor main oil Whether the road is unblocked; it is recommended to replace the bushings, bushings, and bearing bushes with severe wear or strain, tighten the connecting rod bolts, and use the compressed air hole to align with the air compressor oil inlet hole; Road. When reassembling, pay attention to the spindle bearing; 2. Check whether the main and passive pulley groove types are consistent, please replace them if they are inconsistent, and adjust the belt tightness; 3. Check the oil inlet pressure and oil pipeline for damage or blockage. If the pressure is insufficient, the oil line and impurity content should be adjusted, cleaned and replaced immediately. Check the oil quality and impurity content of the lubricating oil. If it exceeds the standard, it should be replaced immediately. Check if the air compressor is supplied with oil. If there is no oil supply, it should be fully inspected immediately. 4. Check if the air compressor fixing bolt is loose and given tightness; 5. Air compressor of gear transmission should also check whether the gear is loose or the gear is fitted, and the loose nut of the nut should be replaced if there is any problem.
Label [The cause of abnormal noise during screw air compressor operation and its solution] [Solution of screw air compressor]
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