The electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and is widely used in various industries. As the power part of the industrial air compressor, it is highly valued by the air compressor manufacturer, because the quality of the motor is directly related to the stability of the air compressor performance. Therefore, our company is responsible for the attitude of the majority of users, it is necessary to inform the user of some knowledge of the air compressor often supporting the motor.

1. Winding disconnection check: Distribute the power cable in the motor terminal box. The megger, multimeter or check lamp is connected in series at the end and center line of the running winding or starting winding. Check between. The meter is not connected, the resistance is large or the light is not bright, indicating that the winding has an open circuit. 2, winding short-circuit check: You can check the insulation between any two-phase windings with a megger or multimeter. If the insulation resistance is very low, short circuit between the windings. Short circuit of the motor winding includes phase-to-phase short circuit, short circuit between windings, and short circuit between winding turns and turns. 3, winding leakage check: motor winding due to moisture, insulation aging may also cause damage to the enameled wire insulation caused by the collision of the motor winding and the casing due to transportation, moving and other factors. Then, because the motor is used in harsh environments, such as high ambient temperature and poor heat dissipation, the overload protection of the relay causes the motor winding to overheat and damage the insulation. All of these factors may cause leakage faults. The motor is degraded due to moisture, and should be dried. If it is a closed compressor, the whole machine can be baked in the box at a temperature of 110 ° C for 6 to 8 hours. The motor windings with leakage faults such as insulation damage can only be re-wound.

2. Remove the winding and scrape the original insulation layer in the stator slot and re-inser the insulation material. Generally, 120 g of kraft paper and plastic film are used for stator insulation.

3. Rewind the winding according to the number of turns of the original winding and measure its resistance. 4, each winding is inserted into the original groove in the direction of the original winding to prevent the wires from crossing.

4. The method of rewinding the winding of the motor winding: Determined 1. After the motor is faulty, all the windings are removed. Before the disassembly, the wire diameter and the number of turns of the wire should be recorded.
5, the windings are fastened with cotton rope, loaded into the rotor, power-on test, after starting normal, the motor is placed in a dry box with a temperature of 100 ° C to dry, 4 to 6 hours can be used. Our company's motor has a long service life, so you can use it according to the instructions.

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