The instantly with greater pressure of be issued to lower levels grows in constrictive machine collectivity, the rise of market of the machine that do not have oil is potion undoubtedly can the strong heart needle of hearten prices, change way of competitive additional monarch for enterprise difference. According to not complete count, our country did not have oily air 2018 the total shipment volume of constrictive machine is close to 5000, but secondary is forestall of place of foreign capital brand, atelasi · popular science stalks or branch, Yinggesuolan held the market share that exceeds 50% twice. So, other company wants to be in make a contribution somewhat without category of oily constrictive machine, why is Qing Dynasty of necessary a unit of monthly interest rate planted does the machines and tools do not have oil of means have economic feasibility? Does market demand have after all how old? Where is technical difficulty? Is the user bred degree how? …… this a series of achievement.

For this, suo Lan of flower case of Shanghai of our specially invite is constrictive machine is infinite company (abbreviation: Yinggesuolan) , Asia of Shenzhen life power is industrial and infinite company (abbreviation: Shou Li) , constrictive mechanism makes divine steel (Shanghai) infinite company (abbreviation: Divine steel) , day stands produce machine is fragmentary (China) infinite company (abbreviation: Day stands) , science and technology of Guangdong nurture heart is infinite company (abbreviation: Nurture heart) , Shanghai Shen Hangjian is constrictive machine is infinite company (abbreviation: Shen Hangjian) , Zhejiang outstanding can constrictive equipment is infinite company (abbreviation: Outstanding can) , Shanghai case Lan Kelin (group) infinite company (abbreviation: Gelankelin) , casting of essence of life of family of Ao Fu Er is mechanical (elder brother hill) infinite company (abbreviation: Aofuerke) outside waiting for international, have do not have high level of company of oily constrictive aircraft representatively, the technology that will examine the machine that do not have oil through different perspective, product, user and market, with offerring everybody look for arrives appropriate oneself market that does not have oily constrictive machine and direction!

Potential of the machine that do not have oil is great but need benign competition
As a result of market cause, the sale 2019 and order state present company of great local and constrictive aircraft of different level glide, but as " China is made 2025 " deepen advance the inspiration that with the near future Sino-US trade friction gives us, more and more manufacturing industry coach the person realises the product rate that promotes his, from primary treatment to value catenary high end transition is the enterprise can continue to begin surely the road of classics. In this big setting falls, high quality is constrictive air is sure is to will come to what constrictive air demand can anticipate manufacturing industry to begin content.

Meanwhile, in recent years, because environmental protection, provision is safe the policy requirement that waits for a respect is stricter and stricter, the environmental protection of people and restful recognition are stronger and stronger also. In new policy how-to below, constrictive machine already cannot satisfy type of screw of traditional fuel injection of special industry handle demand, reach new power industry about medical treatment, food especially, ask constrictive machine is indispensible those who finish smooth oil 0 discharge.
It is from more and more severe environmental protection policy leaves no matter, still be opposite from the user constrictive air is taller and taller spend a requirement to look completely, the machine that do not have oil has broad market perspective. So, yinggesuolan and nurture heart are same, although mood of market of oily to having those who come machine is discreet very pessimistic however.
And look carefully at according to Gelankelin, early the Euramerican before a lot of years machine that do not have oil and scale of screw of common fuel injection arrive 1: 4; The scale of day Han market is close to 1:3 even, and the machine do not have oil of our country takes whole market only at present 1% less than. Together with, homebred the machine that do not have oil rises at full speed on quality and research and development, product function fluctuates gradually. So, gelankelin thinks, the machine that do not have oil is in the future one of mainstream direction of constrictive machine market, market share will be added considerably.

Shou Li also the company believes, discharge chasteness to spend the operating mode environment that has a demand about gas, the machine that do not have oil will be become surely option. Because the technology matures gradually,will disable reduce product capital (the capital after including sale price and carry out) the fluctuation that adds product movement, so the client is met currently preferential thinking can the product do not have oil with much better effect, this will expand undoubtedly the market demand of product of the machine that do not have oil.
But, we also should see, market of current the machine that do not have oil and the are the machine that do not have oil only not merely technology that differ before, product, manufacturer, price, form of gimmick of artifice of its sale feeling, competition, operation, gain also is shown show new sign, contain the scent of market of strong machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw.
Day establishs the quality the good and bad are intermingled that feels current not to have oily machine product, price competition is too fierce, this is not an industry begin abiding plan. Really, without the enterprise of central technology, follow suit blindly making small market price is won't abiding, can affect the sale environment of whole market instead. So, shen Hangjian suggests, should promote relevant industry oil to purify detect standard, hurried uses a product of screw of override small oil.
Outstanding can express, at present water does not have oily screw glossily constrictive machine is everywhere, certain manufacturer with low, the means that uses in vain even lets a client be applied first pay again, disturbed badly market of the machine that do not have oil. Some clients for the graph temporarily cheap, low bought the machine that do not have oil, consequence is not applied, change frequently lead plane, solid belong to impolicy. Shou Li also expresses, water screw does not have doorsill of oily machine research and development absolutely and inferior, reason has more consumptive manufacturer to participate in competition, but its product whether can bear time trial, still wait for examine.

About having oily machine at present the current situation of blossom everywhere, yinggesuolan is done not have however too much and anxious. Yinggesuolan thinks, this picture returns mere consist in at present smooth screw mixes of all kinds water to wait for the constrictive machine category with production absolutely and inferior precision without oily vortex, and these two kinds of products are measured in empty temperament and oily screw still can be not had with dry type on effect constrictive machine has certain difference. And, because market space is infinite, dry type is thrown without oily product later period baronial, investment is repaid lead low, cycle to grow, traditional and centrifugal equipment is behaved in small tolerance category endless be apt to uses up the United States. So, dry type does not have oily screw constrictive machine market is current still by a few less important international constrictive machine brand is occupational.
Of course, also the enterprise thinks, the practice of quantity of the airframe that do not have oil nowadays is small still, some do not have oily aircraft manufacturer to be sold to cooperate battalion, mix sales volume intentionally market demand is exaggerative.

The machine that do not have oil is chosen to choose be advisability to lift
Although do not have oily machine market to have broad market perspective and demand latent capacity, but, regard terminal as the user, in a few standards faintly is taken, it is to use fuel injection to constrictive machine filters again or use the machine that do not have oil directly after all, it is the thing that a your person headaches very, buy machine price difference after all really very big, user demand is held the position of for capital. To this, company of numerous and constrictive aircraft leaves from technology and economic feasibility, the answer that gave out to agree: Depend on client demand and choice preference. Namely terminal user is in the course that markets pneumatics machine, demand thinking equipment is whole all use link are opposite lifecycle the acceptance of composition of constrictive air resid level.

Yinggesuolan thinks, be in technical respect, constrictive machine does not have fuel injection to replace the machine that do not have oil truly can quality. The multistage with actually proper equipment of fuel injection aircraft filters the “ that can arrive at ISO8573 does not have oily ” parameter, but this kind can the premise that the gender exists is: 1. Filter configuration is enough much; 2. Filter can develop the function that its claim; 3. Of filter when dealing with to just can drop can change in time filter core. And practice state often was to configure multistage to filter fragmentary, but because lack is safeguarded,wait for a state, outside the constrictive air pipeline that forms husband of long-term hired hand to apply oiliness, final these oil are tasted contacting this deserve directly again is not to have oily air to use a site, this is for the client that does not have demand of oily constrictive air truly to having cannot susceptive.
Look from economy respect, constrictive machine replaces fuel injection the machine that do not have oil is wasteful also. Although from first the fuel injection on investment is fragmentary more fragmentary than having oil want a few lower, but from defend point of view, and after multistage filters pressure loss and in light of brought energy loss, this is brushstroke “ inside the whole lifecycle in constrictive machine not the buying and selling of ” of be to one's profit. So, yinggesuolan suggests real demand does not have oily airy user to choose not to have oily machine directly, do type not to have oily screw especially probably centrifugal type is constrictive machine.
Case orchid overcomes Lin Chi to have unusual idea, it is current above all to useless oil and oil gas deal with the technology is still immature, it is capital cost next too big, of early days use capital house is tall, for example changes often the matters concerned such as filter core, alumina, go up directly so the machine that do not have oil is a sensible choice that grow day and day.
Nurture heart also thinks, the purpose that will arrive at devoid oil through filtering is very difficult and wasteful. After after fuel injection machine is used, dealing with, gas source quality can accomplish ” of “ small oil, of contented and average demand apply. But as more and more slashing to enraging source quality to ask, equipment deals with after be opposite deal with the demand of sex of ability, firm, maintainability is higher, this kind has oil + the component that filtering means establishs ties on one hand is much, trouble spot is much, the meeting that cannot avoid brings firm sex, safe sex reduce; On the other hand, deal with of equipment apply capital progress, filter ability lack cannot arrive at a requirement even, economy is poor. Accordingly, it is to use fuel injection + hind the means that deal with, still use the machine that do not have oil directly, the standard of judge depends on the client demand to gas source quality. On existing technology setting, use double screw water can yet be regarded as of smooth and constrictive machine a kind namely economic environmental protection, the means of efficient firm.

Empty temperament of more complex —— measures the reason that day establishs a proposal to use the machine that do not have oil directly more get credit, the chemical part that in need not filtering to fuel injection, produces is anxious.
Leave from client angle with other company different is, outstanding can present type selecting disorder in order to do it so, because a lot of demand do not have the terminal user of oily machine,be by misdirect of empty press salesperson. For example some pharmacy business is compact air oily weight is very tall, back end of fuel injection machine adds how many filter to be done not have, still put in a few oily cent, bring about did not pass GMP attestation. Have to, this pharmacy business changed with the machine that do not have oil in succession fuel injection machine changed fuel injection machine.

  Water rises abruptly without oily double screw glossily the technology waits for maturity
Constrictive machine exhibited Shanghai international 2018 on, ten enterprises happen to have the same view exhibited water does not have sample of machine of pneumatics of oily double screw glossily, lifted a water smooth double screw is heated up without oil, temporarily between become the heat inside course of study to discuss a topic. To this, approve of person those who have, the proponent has, look around person Yi Youzhi.
Shou Li thinks water does not have machine of pneumatics of oily double screw to have better market prospect glossily, its advantage is aeriform chasteness is spent taller, but machine fluctuation is at present poorer. As similar as life power concept, aofuerke expresses, double screw water is smooth on the market pneumatics machine has 10 enterprises to be in nowadays development, local once selling, blemish is technology, product immature still. If technical maturity still has space of very big market,replace local machine having oil. Day stands to also think, water is smooth machine of double screw pneumatics is a kind of product that complies with market demand, but doubt of existence of water quality management, this also is to restrict the one great crucial success that smooth screw machine carries out water.

Do not have machine of pneumatics of oily double screw glossily to water, shen Hangjian and Gelankelin all support look around attitude. They think, water does not have machine of pneumatics of oily double screw to use cycle to be likened to glossily nowadays short, temperature and can effect achievement fails to be handled thoroughly, technical maturity level and can effect level demand is in quite ability and user form consensus after a paragraph of time.
Outstanding can be complete to its deny: Water of “ double screw does not have the reaction of abroad of basis of oily pneumatics machine and international client glossily, not be very good, product maturity is insufficient, defect rate is extremely high. My company has before an abroad agent do double screw water not to have oily pneumatics machine glossily, one germinant those who sell is very good, the client is gratified degree very tall also. But, water of double later screw does not have big batch of oily pneumatics machine to present result glossily, bring about the client is done dead one by one, their company still is put nowadays have a few before the double screw water of some brand does not have oily aircraft main engine glossily. Even their company cannot make the machine that do not have oil, once the client knows company name says not to want, must register new company afresh later. ”

Nurture heart however very value this anew to promote a technology, nurture heart thinks, dry type does not have oily screw type constrictive machine is to present form of the earliest the type that do not have oil, also be shipment amount is the at present largest kind in 3 kinds of type. But have dry type to existing to discharge Wen Gao, defect to lead tall, efficiency without oily technology low, care and maintenance and cost are high wait for blemish, client “ won't be used, with do not remove ” . Odd screw water is smooth the lack that constrictive machine compensated dry type not to have oily machine on certain level, be in 2018 go up without market of oily constrictive machine cut a figure. Odd screw water does not have oily photograph to compare with dry type glossily, definite advantage is had on sex of efficiency, firm, but its blemish is astral annulus piece for easy wear away, capacity as work slowdown attenuation, and odd screw demand uses Che Xi compound, machine man-hour long, efficiency is low.



Suffer microcosmic policy to guide on one hand, be based on on the other hand homebred turn the current situation that leads forestall of low, foreign capital, price of collectivity of the machine that do not have oil is high, and have dry type to existing without oily technology at present illness leads tall, efficiency low, care and maintenance and cost are high wait for blemish, so eye comes round to look, double screw water is style of a kind of when have perspective most type that do not have oil glossily. The GS series water that exhibits with nurture heart does not have oily double screw glossily constrictive machine is exemple, it has the efficiency that comparatives with fuel injection screw, outclass does type not to have oily constrictive machine; The achievement of nonexistent efficiency attenuation, tectonic and complex Yi Weixiu, economy is best, shape grinding work art is mature, foreground special value.

Difference of different product development shows way
Although once understood the opportunity that do not have oil will come but period market prospect, but the means that because do not have oily machine to also have a lot of,differs, feasibility of fluctuation of technical difficulty, capital, economy each have different, decide so appropriate direction of oneself product type, technology, look for breaks a point to the market, ability makes the professional work of the engine that do not have oil of each enterprise is advanced rise get twice the result with half the effort.

Current, the screw do not have oil that day establishs, piston, vortex, product line is relatively complete, client echo quality is fluctuant, price is more expensive nevertheless. Receive go up, day stands will comply with market demand to develop more and new-style product.
Major of division of abstruse husband Er does odd screw water smooth lead plane, from 7.5kW ~ 315kW, 0.8 ~ 45m3, 3kg ~ 40kg, lead plane fluctuation is good. Selling way is water smooth lead plane and spare parts OEM, so company plan does odd screw spare parts to stick a card for pneumatics mechanic factory. About having oily machine add up to sleave to extend range (integrated technology element and economic benefits) , aofuerke thinks, vortex machine is in with the piston that do not have oil 11kW less than, odd screw water is in glossily 15 ~ 132kW, dry type is in without oily machine 55 ~ 315kW, 315kW above is the optimal category of centrifugal and constrictive machine.
Product of Gelankelin that do not have oil includes: A. Water does not have machine of pneumatics of screw of oily high pressure glossily, 2 ~ 5 kilograms, high pressure 2 kilograms (only course) can satisfy industry of a lot of fractionize handle a demand, energy-saving and efficient, user report is wonderful, be in especially craft gas industry; B. Only course does not have grease 16 kilograms machine of smooth screw pneumatics, can satisfy the requirement using gas of laser cut industry, for the client invalid processing uses gas success, the costly capital that the equipment after increasing brings, exert the effect admirable.
Outstanding can current advocate water of series of CM/B of the Mai En that push laborious does not have air of oily odd screw glossily constrictive machine, its characteristic includes: A. Power comsumption province, produce tolerance big (contrary power adds gas to measure 15 % above) ; B. Efficiency is tall, only course is highest exhaust pressure 1.6MPa; C. Do not have oily assurance relatively, obtain German TüV to detect 0 class do not have the orgnaization oily attestation, smooth oil is not contained in lead plane; D. Extremely low maintenance charge (bad news material wants water, water to filter only core, air filter core) ; E. Train in excess specified length uses life, apply capital minimum; F. Low tone, without vibration. Lose pharmacy, food, ferment, the height of user of industry of hospital, electron, empty classify reputably. Additional, research and development of initiate of company whole world, appeared on the market CM/G series middling pressure does not have oily screw constrictive machine, at present already company of many large group blows bottle client to be in apply.
Nurture heart is newest roll out GS series not to have grease machine of pneumatics of smooth double screw, capacity limits 1 ~ 25m3/min, exhaust pressure 0.5 ~ 1MPa, power paragraph 7.5 ~ 132kW, included 11 products type, its characteristic is OK end is “ 6 sexes ” . A. Jing Yin sex. The oscillatory tone of lead plane is extremely low, bare chance tone relatively fuel injection screw is low 5 ~ 10dB, spare parts tone is lower, special the spot that is helpful for improving a client uses an experience; B. Environmental protection sex. Distinguish at before the form of gush water screw that antrum of water of constrictive antrum gush, bearing offers oil is constrictive machine, no matter the lead plane of machine of GS series pneumatics is to be in constrictive antrum or bearing antrum are water supply smooth, whole and fragmentary do not have smooth oil completely, go up from the principle exterminatory the gas source that smooth oil brings is purified, it is real significance go up without oily constrictive machine; C. Firm sex. Tectonic and complex, athletic part is little, not fragile, made sure from tectonic design constrictive machines and tools has very tall firm sex; Additionally inferior exhaust temperature also increased the mechanical trouble of microtherm occasion, the restful firm that is helpful for equipment runs; D. Safe sex. The cooling action as a result of gush water and the limitation that did not have dew point of upward pressure of fuel injection machine, water is smooth and constrictive the exhaust temperature of machine is extremely low, common compare environmental temperature only tall 10 ℃ , and fuel injection screw and dry type are without oily constrictive machine after exhaust classics is cold at that time temperature still is close to 100 ℃ . Extremely low exhaust temperature is helpful for the promotion of fragmentary efficiency on one hand, the person about handlers is restful on the other hand and the movement of equipment is restful special and advantageous; E. Maintainability. GS series water is smooth pneumatics aircraft main engine is tectonic and complex, the part that demand upholds is little, tear open outfit is convenient, facilitate safeguard and maintain; F. Economy. On one hand when user of smooth pneumatics machine uses GS series water not demand is cheered, wasted a few use capital. On the other hand, common maintain content needs to change only water filter, empty filter, maintain capital is extremely low.

Product beard promotion breeds the market to approbate degree
Although, up to now international does not have oily machine market small already successful, but Shou Li thinks, of the machine that do not have oil bear degree still inferior, the fluctuation that its cause depends on a machine running all poorer, capital of the maintenance after carry out is taller, the road that surrounds so depends on promotion products plan.
Gelankelin also thinks, capital of cost of the opportunity that do not have oil is tall, of the market approbate degree had not reached expectant peak value. So, consume an enterprise as the machine that do not have oil, should need accomplish produce quality to measure wave motion, perfect business management and type, ascensive market is oily to notting have of machine approbate degree. Current, the secondary of new product research and development of the company is in in high-pressured screw does not have oil two class are constrictive below.

Outstanding can think develop latent capacity the biggest is water machine of the smooth screw that do not have oil and the vortex that do not have oil is constrictive machine. At present the market approbates degree of not tall cause to its is the low price that the client cannot bear not to have oily machine, even some of enterprise does not know empty press can use water to come basically glossily. As a result of outstanding can group of less important client is in pharmacy industry, hospital, food, blow bottle, electron, ferment wait for an industry, so outstanding can take an active part in relevant category exhibit meeting, strive lets more clients understand water not to have oily constrictive machine glossily.
Be likened to valued water at present about the company smooth odd screw does not have oily pneumatics machine, shen Hangjian thinks, although market self-identity level is not less than later period promotion, but still have a lot of clients more product of screw of self-identity dry type, also mean its technology to carry out still use a category to everything without permeate. The person of the same trade is additionally too much, produce character to measure the good and bad are intermingled, low competition runs amuck, so Shen Hangjian plan holds the user product of more use industry to push guild, make the differential sex of itself product the biggest hard change, include a product to construct quality of reasonable and contracted, function is good firm, function is puny and one-sided, energy-saving effect industry wait first.
Nurture heart thinks, smooth double screw does not have water one kind when constrictive engine order comes round to although be have perspective most,look oily type style, but the product that still does not have mature batch to change in international nowadays puts in the market, about industry of Chinese constrictive machine or burgeoning technology. So, adverse element secondary depends on user group little, market information reaction is lacked, client have no way understands. Regard consumption as the enterprise, while nurture heart is deepening research and development, pay attention to all the more the quality of the product and economy, increase new product market to carry out strength, carry out in the use of new industry, new category especially.

The half an year after in former years comes next year, respect of research and development, nurture heart will be on the bedrock of the existing technology that do not have oil, deepen development, perfect water of smooth pneumatics machine model chart, enlarge pressure limits, roll out water machine of smooth high pressure, water is smooth 2 class are constrictive technology; Carry out a respect, the company will exhibit the respect such as inn of channel of meeting, distribute, experience through the industry, enrage the special industry with source quality extremely high demand in the light of a few pairs especially, like appearance of chemical industry of medical treatment, craft, subtle instrument, feed course of study of behaviour of a student to wait, have specific aim stop to carry out.