In addition to a certain amount and pressure, the screw air compressor for the power source should also ensure a certain degree of cleanliness to avoid damage to the gas equipment and affect the control accuracy. Therefore, auxiliary equipment should be configured as required. In the selection of auxiliary equipment, the principle of lower precision should be selected as much as possible on the basis of meeting the air quality requirements. This reduces the cost of purchase and, more importantly, reduces system pressure drop and air loss.

Screw air compressor The basic requirements for auxiliary equipment selection are as follows:

1. The volume of the gas storage tank should be selected from 1/10 to 1/6 of the compressor displacement.

2. The throughput of the dryer and filter should be the same as the displacement of the compressor.

3. The filter before the dryer should be equipped with an automatic drainer.

4. When using an adsorption dryer, the compressor should reserve a corresponding amount of gas consumption.

5. After the dryer is installed in the gas storage tank, the function of the gas storage tank is more sufficient to play the role of buffering, cooling and discharging. Reduce the load on the dryer and use it for a more uniform service of the system. Before the dryer is installed in the gas storage tank, the system can provide a large peak adjustment capability, which is mostly used for working conditions with large fluctuations in gas consumption.

From the color picture of the worm main unit, Spiral air compressor has six screw grooves. The two spiral wheels divide the screw grooves into two upper and lower spaces, each of which realizes the process of suction, compression and exhaust, and is synchronized. This is not possible with twin-screw compressors, and it is also incomparable in terms of airflow pulsation and airflow noise.

Since the two types of air compressors can be rotated at the same speed, they can be analyzed and compared at the same speed. Since the worm compressor runs, each worm groove works twice (double action) every revolution, so that the worm space is fully utilized. Therefore, compared with the twin screw compressor, when the two structures are the same size, the worm is compressed. The displacement of the machine is large; when the displacement of the two is the same, the structure of the worm compressor is small.

For example, a worm compressor with 2970 rpm (2970R/MIN) per minute, the number of compressions per minute is 2970 *12=35640 times; the number of teeth of the two screws of the twin screw is larger than that of the selected one, which is 5, which is equivalent to 5 cylinders. The rotation speed is also taken as 2970R/MIN, and the number of times per minute is 2970*5= 14850 times, obviously a lot different from the 35,640 worm compressors. Therefore, compared with the worm compressor, the twin-screw compressor has a small number of exhausts per unit at the same rotational speed, a large pulsation of the airflow, and a large airflow noise.

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