Air compressor overview: Air compressors are one of the most commonly used equipment in various factories and enterprises. In particular, Chinese air compressors are more widely used. Boiler blasting, smoke elimination and dust removal, ventilation and cooling are all inseparable from air compressors. In power stations, mines, chemical industry and environmental protection projects, air compressors are indispensable and important equipment. Correctly master the design of air compressors. The normal economic operation of the press is very important.
Selection of screw air compressor design scheme
Screw air compressor The design conditions usually include: volume flow, full pressure, working medium and its density (or work) Medium temperature), sometimes structural requirements and special requirements.
The requirements for the design of the mobile screw machine are: the operating point that meets the required flow and pressure should be near the highest efficiency point; the highest efficiency value should be as large as possible and the efficiency curve should be flat; The stable working range of the pressure curve is wide; the air compressor has a simple structure and good manufacturability; the material and accessories are convenient to choose; there is sufficient strength and rigidity, the work is safe and reliable; the operation is stable, the noise is low; the adjustment performance is good, and the work adaptability is strong. The air compressor is as small as possible and light in weight; easy to operate and maintain, easy to disassemble and transport.
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