Choosing good oil can also extend the life of the air compressor. What are the characteristics of a good oil? Characteristics 1. Good demulsibility, corrosion resistance and foam resistance. It is easy to mix condensate and air into the compressor oil to make the oil emulsified and deteriorate, increase corrosion and wear of the parts, and oxidize the oil. Therefore, it is required to have good emulsification resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Characteristics 2. Suitable viscosity. The proper viscosity enables the screw air compressor to perform good lubrication, cooling and sealing at working temperature and pressure to ensure the normal operation of the compressor. Characteristics 3. The tendency to deposit carbon is good. The accumulation of carbon in the exhaust system will cause the exhaust valve to be closed tightly, and the cooling effect will be poor, so that the exhaust gas temperature will rise, the compressor will malfunction, and even the fire or explosion will require the carbon deposition tendency of the compressor to be good. Characteristics 4. Good oxidation stability. Since the exhaust temperature of the compressor is usually between 120 ° C and 200 ° C, it is possible to reach 300 ° C. Air compressor oil is easily oxidized at high temperature to deteriorate and form sludge.
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