Shanghai DSNEair air compressor new series of products are good, currently 3-10 cubic meters,  40 cubic meters are the following configuration, and the company is perfecting the full range of products: 1, 1:1 direct transmission (such as the motor is 2980 speed, the host is also 2980 speed), the host speed is low, the noise is correspondingly low.  I believe that most of the mainframes on the market will not be so real. 2. Centrifugal fans can be used to achieve almost silent. This is also the first in the market. Only a few imported manufacturers will use centrifugal fans 3. Low-voltage motors will use IP54. Others  Many manufacturers can use IP23 motor 4. According to the national policy, the motor has a 1.2 service factor to avoid the motor being burnt.  Moreover, the motor uses a copper core wire, unlike some manufacturers that use aluminum core wire.  5, energy efficiency levels are all above the second level, many achieve first-class energy efficiency, especially the rare earth permanent magnet series air compressor.  For the large-scale air compressor industry, the DSNEair air compressor was purchased, and the price of an air compressor was saved in one or two years.  6. There are basically direct offices in each province in our country, which can provide services for users nearby, and the company is strengthening the construction of service teams and continuously improving service quality.  Welcome friends to give us valuable suggestions and let us go further.  Tag: [Shanghai screw air compressor brand] [centrifugal direct screw air compressor advantages] 

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