The first type of screw air compressor variable displacement control method.

As a control method in the screw air compressor control system, the variable displacement control can effectively control the length of the rotor and thus the air compressor The displacement has changed. However, the way to change it is to add a cone valve or a screw valve to the main unit, and then control the air displacement of the air compressor after controlling the internal bypass. Although this variable displacement control method is slightly better than the modulation control method, it may only be possible to control the screw valve to a capacity of 50 to 60%, and the most important thing is to debug this control method. Too difficult and complicated, it is easy to cause the machine to malfunction.
The second one is load control.

This is a pressure switch using the screw air compressor exhaust, which closes the intake valve after reaching the upper limit pressure, when the lower limit is reached. Then, the control method is simple and effective, and the difference between the modulation control is mainly manifested in the internal unloading of the air compressor in this control mode, and the pressure drop is very high. It may cause a drop in the useless power consumption, but this control method can successfully use the controller of the sequencer to easily connect many air compressor devices. In addition, the air compressor of this control mode needs to be installed with a suitable storage for storage. Air box.
The third type is the air compressor for the start and stop control method.

As one of the most effective control methods, the screw air compressor is either fully loaded or stopped, and these conditions are mainly determined by the signal at the pressure differential. However, unfortunately, if the motor is controlled by this method after the motor exceeds 10 h, it will often cause overheating when starting or shutting down. Therefore, this control method can only be used in small pistons. Above the press. Only by mastering the above three methods, the displacement of the screw air compressor does not have to be worried.
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