I. China Air Compressor Preparation before starting the machine (1) Check whether the mechanical parts and pipes of the air compressor are connected reliably. If there is looseness, handle it in time. (2) Check the air level of the air compressor. When the oil level of the unit is higher than the lowest position on the oil meter, the unit can start up normally. Even if the unit is running, the oil level will not be seen at all. Does not affect the normal use of the unit. (3) Turn the coupling several times by hand in the specified direction to ensure flexible rotation of the unit. (4) Check that the electrical equipment meets the requirements of the safety regulations, and then turn on the power of the unit after confirmation. 2. Startup of screw air compressor (1) The air compressor should follow the following procedure when restarting after initial driving or air compressor and its system equipment: a) Check if all valves are Are in the proper position and in the correct opening and closing state; b) remove all maintenance accessories (such as blind plates) and maintenance signs installed for safe maintenance; c) inspect the system and remove foreign objects inside it; d) open And close the drain valve again; e) at least one turn to ensure no mechanical interference; (2) If the unit control panel does not show phase sequence error after power transmission, press the “Start” button to be normal. Turn on the power, please confirm the rotation direction of the drive motor and the rotating equipment again after starting the machine, and make sure that all safety protection devices are in proper operating state.
The screw compressor main unit is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. turn! The following conditions must be confirmed first: 1) the new machine is commissioned; 2) the power cord is rewired; 3) the total power supply is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by ignoring these warnings and precautions. Responsibilities 4) After the unit start-up process is completed, the air compressor enters the automatic control state. III. Operation of screw air compressor 1) After the unit is in normal operation, check whether there is any oil leakage or leakage inside the unit. If it is, stop it immediately. 2) Check whether the operating parameters such as exhaust pressure and exhaust temperature are normal. 3) Do a good job record and compare whether each operating parameter is always normal. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, stop it in time and analyze it to find the cause. 4. Air compressor shutdown 3.4.1 If the unit needs to be stopped, simply press the parking button and the compressor will automatically unload for about 20-30 seconds and then stop. There is no special reason, do not use the emergency stop button to stop. 3.4.2 Cut off the unit power supply
V. Routine maintenance convenience
1, the compressor should be easy to install
Considering the convenience of installation, now the market There are mobile, portable and installation-free air compressors. The selected compressors are small in size and light in weight, which is easy to install. For gas units with narrow gas fields (for ships and vehicles), vertical compressors should be selected; for gas-use units with long-distance changes (more than 500 meters), mobile compressors should be considered.
2, the compressor is easy to maintain in the later stage, the cost is low
When selecting the compressor, the convenience of daily maintenance of the compressor and maintenance cost should be fully considered. Try to use consumable parts (mainly oil and filter elements) to replace compressors with long cycle times, strong versatility and long service life.
Sixth, other requirements for air compressors
Noise and vibration have a great impact on the operator's body and mind, as well as the environment of the workshop and factory. If the workshop always has high decibel noise, production Workers on the site will feel irritated and will inevitably affect production efficiency and quality. Moreover, the National Environmental Protection Agency has a control limit on production noise, and the selected compressor noise is too large to meet environmental standards. If the compressor purchased by the user is to be placed on the production site, the compressor with low noise index and good anti-vibration performance should be selected. This article is edited by China DSNEAIR Compressor Manufactory (https://air-compressor.net). Please indicate.