Currently, screw air compressors are mainly twin-screw air compressors and single-screw air compressors are now under the two models. Simple comparison:
First, the principle
Single-screw air compressor uses a single-screw rotor to drive two symmetrically distributed star wheels for rotation, relying on the screw groove and the casing The inner wall constitutes a closed elementary volume, so that the gas reaches the required pressure (its main advantages are: low manufacturing cost, simple structure, ideal force balance, no clearance volume, etc.; ◆ twin screw air compressor It consists of a pair of parallel-distributed, intermeshing rotors. When working, one rotor rotates clockwise and one counterclockwise rotates to generate the required pressure gas during the mutual meshing process. Advantages: High mechanical reliability Excellent dynamic balance, stable operation, strong applicability, etc. Second, technical
Single-screw air compressor No twin-screw maturity, no relevant industry standards and national standards, machine out The right to explain the fault belongs to air compressor production Home, twin-screw air compressor must comply with national standards and industry standards GB8542, TB/T6430.
Single-screw air compressor through single screw and two The star wheel meshes with the compressed air, and the three directly contact, causing the friction between the star wheel and the rotor to be serious. (The material of the single-screw star wheel is a resin material, so it is easy to wear when the star wheel and the screw mesh are in operation, and the resin foam is mixed into the host. In the oil, the air compressor is prone to high temperature and shutdown. The use time is not long, the internal leakage of the machine head is large, and the exhaust volume is reduced.
◆The twin-screw is engaged by the male and female rotors, and there is an oil film between the two rotors without direct contact. , the friction is small, the displacement does not change with time. Third, the motor on the motor
single screw air compressor main motor speed is 2970 rev / min 鈡, the lowest 1480 rev / min The twin-screw main motor is an energy-saving motor with a speed of 1460 rpm. The higher the speed, the greater the wear and tear. Therefore, the single-screw motor bearing wears seriously and increases the running cost.
◆The current international first-line brand air pressure Machine, all done is twin screw air compressor >, such as Atlas in Sweden, Kobelco in Japan, Ingersoll Rand in the United States, etc. Single-screw air compressor. Fourth, maintenance costs
Single-screw air compressor Although the procurement cost is relatively low, the friction between the star wheel and the rotor is serious, and it is necessary to change the star wheel. The maintenance cost and running cost will naturally be high, otherwise the displacement will be seriously damaged. Less than specified requirements. Twin screw air compressor Although the temporary purchase cost is high, it has high mechanical reliability, stable operation and strong applicability, so the maintenance cost is low and the failure rate is low. Will not affect production.
◆The market share of twin-screw air compressor at home and abroad is much larger than that of single-screw air compressor, mainly because of twin-screw air compressor is quite mature. The structural characteristics of the single-screw air compressor have led to a decline in its processing technology, performance and reliability. In the technical field, twin-screw air compressor is more mature than single-screw, thus leading to the dominance of twin-screw in the market. At present, the twin-screw air compressor produced by our company (DSNEair) can achieve: 1-100 (m³/min). Its products have entered the ranks of the world's advanced level. In order to meet the needs of different customers, the company currently has 32 offices in various provinces and municipalities. Welcome everyone to choose DSNEair air compressor, we will provide perfect pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service!
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